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What do you do to promote STEEM outside of the blockchain?
Are you only on STEEM Blockchain and having fun around getting that STEEM or you are promoting it as much as you can? I believe in STEEM Blockchain even tho we need a lot of work to be done before we can be satisfied. Yet, as a firm believer, I promote it to around 30k people on FB. As this is my alt-account, on my main one, I am promoting @steemstem and STEEM gaming community. So far, I think I wasn't lucky to decentralize any mind, but you know how they say that marketing needs to be boring. So, I'm doing daily promotions and hopefully, someone will come on our side. Many asked questions and that's the reason I will do a post about STEEM Blockchain, Steemit and others STEEM based dapps. Maybe that will help. So, are you promoting this lovely blockchain?

This is actually the reason why I gain so much traction in the platform during my starting stage in Steemit.

It was when we launched a university campaign aiming to promote Steemit as a social media platform for us students. One of its big reasons is this platform lets us earn. That campaign had 6th meetups. All of them happen in different venues of our campus.

With those promotion, we were able to provide the following materials for FREE.

- Steemit Shirts 

- Steemit Pins

- Steemit Flyers

- Steemit Plackards

- Snacks

- Free Seminars and Orientation about Blockchain technology and Steemit

We were able to provide those materials because of the support this Steemit community has showered to provide those materials. But the greatest thing that we've given to our fellow students, instructors, and university personnel is the "Opportunity" that Steemit provides. Everyone were able to earn in the platform and at the same time learn a lot about emerging technology solutions.

  • print steem logos, paste them on bags etc and when you go out, people will notice it and hopefully check it out
  • use steem logo as background profile image on social sites like facebook and twitter 
  • share steemit posts on social sites 
  • talk about steemit to people who are not aware of it even 
  • discuss about  steem and cryptocurrency with people who matter 
  • promote steem on crypto exchanges by writing to include steem 

Hopefully, Steem will go on to become number one based on the usefulness of the coin and when people realize that it is the easiest way to help other people and organisations throughout the world. 

I wish more people did the above. each and every effort would make a difference. 


I promote mostly via steemhunt and musing.io. Everyday I post on both Dapps and then I share on Facebook and twitter my posts and the ones I upvoted. I do the same with musing.io 


Well a friend invited me to steemit and I do the same to others.

My current marketing plan involve one-on-one conversations.

I came here for the money but I'm gradually falling in love with steem. I hope to help others share that same disposition about Steem

Now that you've asked, I'll try to be deliberate in my promotion of Steem and steemit


I own a small restaurant and as a steakman, I invite all steem users to use their steem coins to buy food at my place and pay using their steem.

Besides that, I also socialized to people who don't know steem to join the musing.io platform so that they can produce a lot of steem and get new knowledge on the music platform.

I also sell electronic pulses with the payment method using steem as a payment instrument.

I use this method and I am very satisfied with the results, many steemians come to my place and become my regular customers.

This is my way to promote steem outside of blockchain.


I have participated in ulog and try to keep a daily ulog everyday. Furthermore, I tried to convince my friends, who are good writers, to join and try out Steem.


 So , I had an instagram account I had grown to 90k followers and then I stopped posting for almost an year as I wasn't interested in posting shit memes anymore.

In comes - Share2steem.

That just piqued my interest to revive the blog and to my surprise most of the 90k followers were still active on instagram and I am getting great engagement with the meme posts.My main goal is to bring exposure to STEEM and I think @share2steem is a great app to get a grass root level social media campaign going.

This last post reached 10k people

 I also changed my bio to send traffic back to share2steem.


Think of ways you can contribute to adding momentum to the STEEM train...choo choo!!