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Nowadays, why don’t children respect their parents?

Well this has probably got to be traced back to the difference in how parenting is done today as opposed to how parenting was done in yesteryears. These days parents believe in taking a more liberal approach towards raising their kids, which on its own isn't a bad thing, but when it results in kids who can't respect their parents then it becomes wrong.

Let's not forget social media and the internet; these days, kids are exposed to a lot more than they should by virtue of what they see on TV and on the internet. If kids see other kids disrespecting their parents online and getting away with it then they're most probably going to try and do the same thing.

Generation Z, the ones preceded by the millennials are the ones that are guilty of parental disrespect the most and that stems from the fact that they believe they're always right. Most kids I meet these days feel like they've gotten life all figured out, even going to far as to coin a name for it and it's called being "woke" as in awake to the truth about life. They end up feeling like they know more than their parents and this results in very disrespectful behaviour on their part.

The society at large can't be excused from this, children don't just wake up and become disrespectful, negative influences from people outside the family also play a significant role in making kids disrespectful, and the laws in place in most countries also prevent parents from taking the necessary action required to correct their children, lest they get arrested.

As archaic as it sounds, the concept of sparing the rod and spoiling the child is held on to pretty tight by Africans and that's why you never really hear of disrespectful children. Albeit not the best way to raise kids, I should know, I received my fair share of beatings from my parents when I was younger, but the truth is that it actually works, and it teaches you what is right from wrong , which is something kids of this generation don't seem to understand.

I hope this helps


Now a days children's get more privacy they get separate room there own mobile phones etc. They are not much dependent or connected with parents. Increased standard of living also plays a vital role as they get whatever they want even without asking.

They don't have to depend or even ask parents to get something. Eventually they will never know the real worth of a particular thing. Social media makes them to travel in wrong direction by forgetting the reality. Parents becomes enemy to them during that time they use social media to find happiness which is wrong. Parents should control children until certain age but now I can see children are controlling parents.

Children are given more freedom and privacy this makes them do things on their own and argue more with parents without respect. Children mostly learn this sort of behaviour from their neighbours and friends. They observe and adopt many things from friends. We should teach them to how respect to all from their childhood. The best way to teach them to respect is parents is that to be a model role model to them. When they see that we are giving respect to our elders, they will also start to respect us.


The reason is certainly one of them because of the mistakes we make in the presence of our children so that children will lose respect for us. That's the main reason that I think makes parents no longer valued by their children.

The second reason is because of the relationship between children who are too free, in the midst of such rapid technological developments, plus the association of children who are bebab, they will no longer respect their parents. Bad examples of association will make them affected and follow along to practice it.


The behavioural tendencies of parents in this 21st century is one of the most reasons why children develop some self concocted behaviours that the parents were not present to tame. Some parent choose work over their children, never being present in the home to nurture, advise and train their children especially the ones going through adolescents stages of their lives

They tend to become wild, seeking, curious and a bit adventurous and when they do not see their parents around to help them especially in this stage of life, they begin to lose any respect they had for their parent.

Another justifiable reason will be because of the upbringing they get or didn't get, children has a mild way of misbehaving and it takes more than telling them "they're grounded" to keep them in check.

For example in an african home children are being kept in check through the use of canes, I'm not saying it's the only right way but if a child is  exposed to the right rules, norms and upbringing and values then they won't even know the meaning of respect in the first place.


For me, our parents are the ones who should mold their children. We can't generally call all children don't respect their parents today because the mere fact is "some" are just doing it. Maybe there's an increase in number of children but it isn't all.

Well, what I see is the attitude of our offspring depends on the environment they are in and how are they treated. It all matters on how are they focused on focusing the growth of their children and their personality themselves. 

I have with me a lot of children who are doing great and they respect their parents alot. They are like that because their parents both focused and has good personalities. It all matters on that aspect.


Because the parents spoil them rotten!😾

Spare the rod and spoil the child!😾


Don't confuse fear with respect. These days, parenting is less authoritarian and strict than in old times. Inflicting pain and fear were used much more frequently than in the past.