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What can you do when u feel loveless in life?
First of all, you are never 'loveless' even when you feel you are. There are always friends or family who love you and who you must talk to and reach out to when you feel like this.
The first thing you need to do, is to learn to love yourself, as the song goes, 'the greatest love of all, inside of me'
You need to look at yourself and remember all the good things about yourself, be proud of all youve achieved, all the nice things youve done
If you cant love yojrself, then how can you expect others to love you?

If you mean you have no boyfriend/girlfriend type love, then stop looking!

In my experience, the harder you look, the less chance you have of finding love. However, love always seems to come knocking when you've given up or start to think you'll never find it.

Don't despair, and if you are feeling depressed or hopeless, talk to a doctor. Mental health issues can be very serious but easy to cure. You are never alone.

Hope this helps and I hope whatever prompted you to write this question gets resolved.
To the best of my knowledge, no one is entirely loveless; there's always that one person that believes the sun rises and sets with you. You've just got to find that person.

However, if for any reason you can't find that person, console yourself with the fact that someone finds you amazing enough to love you that much.

The problem with most of us is that we ignore the ones who love us and focus on those who don't.
Firstly,when we were born in the childhood we were always loves mom and dad but as the days goes on small kids also understand what is love and bowe people were using.

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I was on college and my friends come back to class because due to such reason we can solve our business.

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I sympathize with your feeling of not able to find love.

Life is love. There is no way you can be content in life without love. Money, house, expensive vehicles, gold etc all become of no use if you are using it alone. The satisfaction we get is when the person we love admires our hard work and efforts to get all of these materials for them. That is emotional satisfaction and love.

I find it hard to believe you are not able to find love. Love is everywhere. It can be found in the heart of all humans and animals alike. I think the problem here is you are not able to convince someone to love you!!!

What you need to understand in this case is , you are unable to accept rejection and this is not love. Being adamant and being loveless are two different things. People always mistake convincing and forcing someone to love them, is true love. No it is not, and even if you are able to convince them, Love will not last longer.

If someone is not interested to Love you, accept it and move on in life. Only when you move on is when you will be able to find love, or else you will be stuck in the shell of rejection and never get out of it. Try and understand that there are 7.6 billion humans out there in the world, and this is not the only person alive to find love.

You will eventually learn your lesson and get love, provided you are willing to entertain new love in your life. Or else Love will keep knocking on your doors, but you will be giving it a blind eye, because you are looking for love where you will never find it.

I myself personly belive that no one is loveless in his particular life but the main reason for felling such situation is that we always on focus on who loves us but wr focus on others who do not loves us.

As a love in life is their for every one but the main things are we always ingores what is coming to us and we focus always which is far away from us.

The loveless life situation is very dangerous so never ever be alone when this type of situation comes in just try to enjoy with friends so your mind never things for that particular indicents.

Alaways be happy in what ever situation u are because god is giving you better then that.