What is the reputation level of a steemian that you would usually trust?
I guess for me, if I see a steemian at 50 and above it would indicate a higher trust level.

There's a saying on steemit that is very popular and this saying is "reputation can be bought" this is because steemit decentralized nature makes it very easy to buy whatever you want you can buy love by supporting people , you can buy reputation by using big bots even when your contents are not actually good you can support them by using voting services on steemit and before you know it your reputation is up there so I think using reputation to join the trustworthiness of a user on steemit it's definitely wrong and this is not the yard stick which way to use to judge or determine trustworthiness.

So someone who has a reputation of 50 can be a scammer who bought their reputation you may see a person of reputation of 30 who actually has a genuine intention of touching lives on steemit however maybe as a result of downvotes on their blog they are actually stuck in reputation 30 so when you look at these two type of people and you actually misplaced them as a result of their reputation, gone are the days where reputation matters on steemit reputation these days doesn't matter it doesn't determine trustworthiness love or respect or communion tendencies or society prospects of a person.

Rather I'll definitely say before you trust someone on steemit you must look at the track record of people who has trusted him or her find out how we turned out eventually make research about this person visit their comments section to see whether they have spam or reasonable comments check the engagement level and how they definitely relate with people also ask people of their history to see whether they have not duped anybody in the past or be involved in shady business like copying of contents which has left them blacklisted so these are the different yardstick to judge how you can trust a person on steemit and not by their reputation


Account with a reputation of over 60+ (for accounts that I am not familiar with)

I know some people here have said that reputation can be bought and/or it doesn't really matter much and what matters is engagement and the quality of his/her blogs and I fully agree on that. 

But one thing I really see on accounts with over 60+ reputation is dedication and genuine interest to the platform. These are the people that will stay in the long run in the platform. Sure reputation can easily be bought but them them buying and using bidbots and/or any promotional services shows that they believe on Steem enough to invest and put some money into it. That they want to grow their accounts fast! Most of us hate the method or strategy used but I think we can all agree that the majority of these people are planning to stick with the platform for a long time which might mean that they won't foolishly do anything that might afffect their image. 


Trust? on steemit? in what essence exactly? as i know  of good steemians with quality  content still trying to get to score rep of 50, simply because they are not noticed. i dont think trust and judgement based on rep score should come to play on steemit at all, considering that we all know how most of the whales got there anyway. 

If at all we should judge, let us do so basing on someones content, and consistence. 



As on date reputation in steemit is not a big deal and if you have few steem or sbd coin and if you can write average quality article, you can easily make use of a bid bots or instant bots to increase your reputation. So it is very difficult to disect  a genuine person out of his/her reputation and as of now it is a number game only. But we still need reputation at least to know the activity of a steemian, whether he is active or not on a regular basis. 

On a general note it has been observed that a steemian with a high reputation is regarded respectfully and in steem community people above 60 reputation generally earns respect and someone pay attention seriously but that does not necessarily prove someone's genuine attitude.

So if you are trusting someone based on reputation, then I think you should take other parameters along with it and if it a value trust like dealing with money, then you have to become extra careful and should take many other factors into consideration, because value trust and value transfer are extremely sensitive kind of things, should not be taken up casually.

Thank you and Have a great day.



I would trust an account when I see that they have a reputation of at least 60+. Having a reputation of 60 means you have worked hard for the community and must have stayed for quite a long time. When I say work hard, I do know that most of these accounts use bidbots to get up there and build a bigger reputation in a short period of time. Even if they made use of bidbots, it sure means they must have made some kind of post to be voted on. Someone who doesn't believe in a platform will rather leave than invest in it. Investing here for them involves using bidbots and it doesn't matter whether or not a person uses bidbot, as long as they have reached a reputation of 60, then they have earned my trust.

Cheers. JI


It's not easy to give a direct answer to this question since reputation has a tendency to become misleading.

A high rep doesn't impressed me to a point that I will immediately trust the User, in fact I read a post before that warns everyone about a comment from a high-rep user that was hacked and spreading a link to a pishing site. The one who posted about it is actually a victim of it.

When it comes to e negative rep, I'm sorry to say that I will be skeptical about it and don't even bother to check on it. I'll just completely ignore the user. It's better safe than sorry😎


Rep score isn’t an entirely accurate figure to follow.

Case in point: @haejin.

That being said, IF a rep score falls below the 25 someone starts with, that’s a pretty big red flag, and I’d be weary right away.

Otherwise, I’d attest a lower score (above 25) to be low mostly because the user is newer or hasn’t interacted enough to raise it. Ultimately, it’s the quality of the value they share that is the bigger indicator of trust - requiring an attunement of one’s senses, which is far more powerful than an algorithmically-generated number in an imperfect system...


When it comes to trust a person in Steem Blockchain not only Reputation Score should be in the focus.  

From my side I would vote say the users who have a reputation Score of 55+ and their contents on their posts determines how much value or much trust they will gain from me. While yeah Reputation Score can be bought and if that a particular user is buying Votes for those posts that usually does not hold any value neither for him/her or anybody else than that person is definitely not in my list of "Trust-able" person.

While every investment is worth it and if any user is investing in Steem via bots and in good quality contents than I  do believe any user will appreciate it. 



For me Non ,anybody can be trusted, just because someone have a reputation of high lebel is never a sure reason that he/she can be trusted, i guess before you embark on any business or online trade you should first understand what the business is all about, so as to easily figure out when someone want to mislead you.

Conclusion ,that someone has a very high reputation is never a sure reason to trust him, even great men due fall or change, just know and understand what your line of business is all about so as to know when someone wish or want to mislead you.