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Do you think you are earning enough and if you would one day be wealthy ?
Sometimes I see others doing so well and I think to myself, am I not working hard enough

Actually to me, presently I am or I may not be earning enough but I don't see myself remain poor or average. I see myself rich and wealthy in the future.

Been successful is a slow and not a rush path to make money, when we want to rush to make money, the money at times do not last. Actually I see myself been rich through steemit or should I say through the Cryptocurrency world but like I have said, it takes a slow process and not a rush time or attitude towards been wealthy.

I don't compare myself to others if I see you been rich or doing well, I congratulate out perhaps your time have come as there is time for everybody and not everybody is expected to be successful at the same time.

So I don't allow others people stage of riches or wealth to influence me negatively. If you are been rich, that does not mean I am not working hard enough, maybe perhaps like I have said, my time is still uey to come.

I believe in God appointed time. So I continue to work hard and trust in God and I believe one day also, my time will soon come.



Yeah i believe that i am truly earning enough money to take care of my needs,i believe that i would become wealthy someday and i am really working towards it,that is why i am ensuring that i create muliple streams of income for myself

because i believe that would help me to be able to earn so much money that i could use to invest massively for my future and be able to become wealthy,that is how i plan to build wealth for myself....

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