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Do you think that compression pants made in Japan would help you slim down?
There is a hype in my country, the ladies are extremely crazy over this infrared kodenshi pants which cost about usd 200 which can help reduce weight and cure ailments. Do you think it's true of its pants capability

I don't know about this product, but usually these sweat pants or compression pants are making you sweat and thus the scale would show you a slight change. Some weight loss tea have the same effect.

This however is not weight loss, you're not loosing fat, the body eliminates some water which can be dangerous, can lead to heart problems.

When you want to loose weight, the golden rule is to stay hidrated, so your metabolism can function properly.

When it comes to weight loss, there are no shortcuts. You have to keep a healthy diet, don't starve your body, eat healthy, work out so you can burn calories and keep your muscles fit and you'll be fine.

These pants are for those who still want to believe in dreams, they think they can continue the lifestyle that made them gain wait.

As long as people still believe there are shortcus when it comes to weight loss, there will always be a hype around these products.