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Do you currently own a house or maybe houses?
I am thinking if many of us own houses

Well, yes, i own a house. And it's pretty recent too. Its a little house at the far end of the street and it just happens to be situated upon the only land in that area that naturally supports the growth of the most beautiful orchids, tulips and roses you will ever see. I am planning on opening a business selling the flowers i will grow.

Now, its nothing fancy. Its small bungalow with three bedrooms, three bathroom and four toilets. Its has a sizable balcony with a hanging lazy chair with a wonderful view of the entire street. If i might say, i might just be the envy of the entire street.

The wood on the floor and ceiling look old but still shiny and there are no creeks nor plumbing problems nor electric faults. The counter tops are marble and they match the cabinets.

It did cost me a pretty penny seeing alot of bidders came for this wonderful house which will be a home. I had to go through some means i would normally frown at. But for this little lady, i would do anything