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What comes to mind when you think of buying a home?

 Every person dreams of having his/her own house. If one has enough resources, then it is better for one to buy land and build a house on it. On account of multiple reasons, it is not possible for everyone to build his dream house as per his wishes. So, it becomes easier to buy a flat or house from a builder or a private party. However, there are many things which one should know before buying a house:

Budget: Everyone dreams of owning a big luxurious house but everything depends on one’s salary and bank balance. Before buying a house one should be clear whether one has enough savings to buy a house or if one has not enough savings, then he should be able to get a loan from the bank. EMIs of the loan should not be a matter of financial crisis for one.

Locality: Locality is a very important factor. If a property is very far away from the main city and the locality has the scarcity of drinking water, power supply, transport facilities etc, then one should not buy the house in such a locality. However, if someone has definite information that a certain locality would be developed by the government or private builders in near future, then it is wise to invest on that land.

Security is also a big concern these days. When the community of some locality is not constituted of law-abiding citizens, it becomes a threat to the members of the family. Facilities like hospitals, shops, transportation are very essential for an idea home.

Legality and clear title: The property one desires to buy should have clear title. One must confirm that the person, who is selling the property, is the actual owner of the property. It must also be checked that the property should not be disputed or built illegally. Land must be freehold and should be encroachment free. If one is taking services of an agent, one should be more careful while dealing.

Bargaining: Normally the sellers of property quote exaggerated price. So, one should be careful about the actual price of the property. One should not hesitate to bargain as much as possible. Fee and commission of the agents should be determined before finalizing the deal.

Taxes: Government charges taxes on buying and selling of property. One should be careful about this aspect as one might pay too much tax on a property where one could have saved taxes. It should also be checked that the property owner has no due to pay.

Personal requirement: One should assess his requirement before buying a house. One can be in trouble when his requirement is of four-bedroom house or flat but he buys a three-bedroom house. In this situation, he has to compromise with the enough space. One should also check that the house should have a parking space and storage facilities. 

Checking construction material: Normally, private builders don’t use good material to construct houses and flats to save the cost of construction. This makes those houses and flats of inferior quality. A poorly built house can be fatal in case of natural calamities like earthquake, etc. So, one must check the building material before buying a house.

Furniture and fixtures: If a house has furniture and fixtures, it should be make sure they are not of substandard quality. If they are of poor quality, then one should not buy them with the property.

They should also check history of the property. When someone has committed a heinous murder etc in a house, some people may not feel themselves well there. Some places has negative energy which affects the mental health of the dwellers. If one’s family members don’t have a strong will power, then one should not buy such property. 

These are some important things which need to be taken care before buying a property. Precaution is better than a cure. So, one must be careful and not put his/her life saving in a property which may be unfruitful. 


PS: One can buy a house but nobody can buy a home. 


Great question! When I think of buying a home, I look for a couple of factors. I actually got confused when termed as "Home" instead of "House". When I am buying a house, I consider these parameters :

- Financial Appetite. Is my finances ready to buy a house? Am I capable of spending this amount to build this house? Or Do I have a decent salary to sustain our needs for it?

- Location. Today, finding a good location is a very tough job. Lands are pretty much consumed nowadays and some people don't sell it anymore because for sure, the years pass by its price will increase.

- Readiness. Am I ready to settle a new house? Am I on the age of buying it? Am I mature enough to handle stuff when I buy it? The matter is if I am on the right mindset to settle things like that.

Everyone can consider buying their new "Home" with their preferences. But these things are important to me.



I have been living in a city ever since and I wanted to someday have my own home in a province.

First that comes to my mind when thinking of buying a home in a province is the location. I wanted a bigger space where I can have my own little farm. So that it is possible to eat fresh foods and have fresh air everyday.

It should also be in a flooded and landslide free location and seldom to have natural disasters like typhoon. As well as the community is peaceful and safe.

The price should also be reasonable and I could afford to buy. As much as possible, I would like to buy a home in cash or full payment than having to pay for it on a monthly basis for years.

The structure or look of the house is to be considered as well. If it is something I would love to have. Or just buy a lot and built a house that I would really like.

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An important factor would be my financial stability. I am always dreaming of a home I desire and that will happen if I have enough resources with me. What I have today is still the job I desire but I do not have enough finances to fulfill that promise.

Another will be the location of my home. As much as possible, it must be located within Church, Market and to the city proper. I still don't have a car and no mean but commuting.

Another will be finding a perfect partner in life that I can plan with on this matter. A man that is responsible enough to help me build this dream.