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Do you feel that your crypto account is more valuable than your bank account ?

Considering it has been my crypto accounts that have funded my bank account for over two years now, YUP.


Today it is definitely not valuable than my bank account. But in both the places I generate currency with my efforts. Today from the looks of it, my crypto account (Steem Wallet) may not look great but I have lots of hopes that someday it will definitely become an impressive value if I keep accumulating. 

I will not compare my bank account with crypto because it is definitely not the same. Crypto investment is just one part value from the money that I earn from the world outside crypto world. The reason being I have not invested so much on crypto yet. 

To answer it short, my crypto wallet is definitely weaker than my bank account and not so valuable. Maybe if I become a whale one day on Steem Blockchain and I have lots of stake holdings, I might have a bigger stake value in steem than my real world money. I'm really looking forward to get to that point some day. 


While to be precise at this moment of the time it definitely is not. As a matter of fact  few things could be kept in mind in case the question is of financially.

So as we all know that cypto is volatile and we never know we might go rich in a magnificent amount of time or even our investment could go below the point that we have invested. 

Currently if we compare our financial asset aka money in our bank account/crypto lets see the outcome what might happen in one year or two.

  • For Bank

If I keep a thousand dollar in my bank account for suppose a year or two few things will take place within that period of time. 1st thing is that I will get security that my money will be secure at the least it will not go below the amount that I have deposited in my account.  2nd The interest rate of the bank will be applied in that period of my deposit so if I get 1% every month I will get 10 USD every month so for two years I will get 240 Dollars extra as interest on my deposit. Apart from this no improvement will be made with my money.

  • For Crypto

If I invest 1000 Dollar in crypto (lets not go in any other crypto but Steem) I buy Steem at the current price I will get 2857 Steem (approx) . Few things might happen in the next 2 years if I keep it in my Steem wallet. 

1st if I power it up I will be able to use those SP and invest my time in Steem Blockchain and increase my Steem Power or even liquid Steem as well. By which I am increasing the potential earnings of mine by reinvesting it in crypto. 

2nd I for today bought Steem at the price of 0.35 USD and if within the next two years the price doubles (as we have seen that happening in the past) my initial investment of 1000  Dollars will go double within an instant. (This particular increase situation applies for all crypto if I invest ) It will be a nice investment if it increases in value of USD  

3rd The opposite might happen as well, by which I mean  my funds get below the point of my investment. So I will be in uncertainty that my fund might go down or even I will not get out with the investment that I made. So no security of stability. So the volatility of the market will be there in the coming days as well

So long story short as of now my bank account is strong than crypto but if my investment that I made in crypto goes as planned like I mentioned above than definitely in the coming days my crypto account will be far valuable than my bank account.


Not currently.

I actually feel that putting money in crypto digital assets can be very dangerous, especially if we have seen the market bloodbath for the past 3 weeks.

instead of getting profits, sometimes the funds will be eroded and we don't dare to take it at any time;


One can not definitely not say this for sure the truth is that the value of cryptocurrency is limitless or the broadband to which the value of cryptocurrency can expand is more than the mind can imagine for example by november last year 2017 SBD was around $15 and steem was around $8 so one cannot for sure say that their bank account is worth more than the cryptocurrency they have in virtual wallets.

This is because fiat currency has a constant value but cryptocurrency doesn't have a stable value so as a result of this instability I can't for sure say that my crypto wallet is bigger than my bank account although at the current look at the market rate I will definitely say no comma this is because my fiat currency currently is worth more than everything I have in my crypto wallet in fact it is 10 times what more than everything I have in my crypto wallet.

However I can't say for sure in the future I think only the prices of cryptocurrency and change this but currently my bank account is worth more than my crypto virtual wallet, my fiat currency is in a savings bank account and has no intention of appreciating but in some months or years to come I have no doubt that my crypto wallet will appreciate so this is definitely the difference but currently my bank account is worth more than what I have in my crypto wallet


After I stopped all mining operations, the old crypto accounts became almost irrelevant for me.