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Do you want wealth or looks?

I would want a good look as opposed to wealth. I say it because I think Wealth may come and go and if the looks were to stay with you then you can get that wealth, fame, popularity and all the happiness around you. 

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I would love to apply this analogy of good looks equal good health. And good health is your greatest wealth in life. If we are in our best of health i.e. fit and fine with good looks - you can earn as much as you can. Some professions like film stars, modeling, product brand ambassador etc.. require to have good looks and if you have it - You know how much you can make if you get a role in a movie or get to shoot for a product advertisement or walk the ramp promoting famous brands clothes.

So my choice will be to have good looks over wealth and the simple reason is good looks will help you to get the wealth running after you.

Good Looks = Good Health & Health is Your Greatest Wealth..


Both are quite superficial in a sense, but I will pick wealth based on usefulness if I am to decide.

Looking good is largely based on the perception of others, and offers no intrinsic benefits except that which is placed on it by a third party. It is true that attractiveness tends to draw favors, but it is neither consistent nor expected and tends to be with several hidden attachments.

Being wealthy on the other hand is a tangible asset which can be measured according to the value of assets. Wealth oftentimes means there is little need to attract or expect unprecedented favors and simply allows one to be themselves.

In addition, wealth can in fact polish our looks to the extent that we sometimes attain that level of attractiveness we get from looking good. Therefore being wealthy has a lot more to offer than simply looking good or attractive.


If you are happy, you are wealthy, and good looks might give you some advantages in life, but they don't last forever, and it's only one aspect of life, and not a very important one once you gain some wisdom. 

Health is important. Obesity is highly unattractive in my opinion, and if one is to feel healthy , one should try to maintain a balanced diet, but you cannot change how your face looks. With enough money you can modify your face with plastic surgery, but it's my opinion that this medical practice should not exist. It's an exploitation of human insecurities, and it compounds the problem. The only time when it should be used, in my opinion, if for reconstructive surgery for major accidents or deformations. 

Love yourself, and seek a job that gives you purpose, and you will be the wealthiest, most beautiful person in the world!


I want brain, if I have brain, I can have wealth, if I have wealth, I can have looks :) Pretty simple, right?

Well, that was just a joke! I have what I have and have to work hard to make the most of it. 


Now, with the era of technology

Wealth can make someone become good looking


Looks sometimes can't make someone become rich

If i can be honest, i want wealth for sure XD


Wealth. Much more versatile. Looks are hard to turn into money and not very useful for a man anyway. If you get a pretty woman thanks to your looks, you're going to need money anyway. lol