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Do you like being able to make changes and improvements to your home?

Very much so as it is rewarding to yourself and family and also rewarding to the pocket. Whatever you spend on the property should add value to the overall selling price.

We have added a whole new section over the last few years and allows us now to welcome friends and family to stay with us. A few years ago we added a swimming pool which has changed the summer months drastically. Everything we have done has been for the family and it has bought so much pleasure.

You feel as though you have achieved something after all is done. It takes months of planning and thinking. It all depends what you want but whatever you do it must be done well and add value otherwise you are just building with no thought.

If you have any ideas write them down first and then do a drawing. discuss it with the family and get everyone's ideas and make them included in the project. It is totally rewarding and brings everyone together.


It is a big desition wife,husband and bays have to agry, if is not ok for all Family members will be difficult, but if all family members agry is a gret experience my last addition was 512 sqf.

It take a lot energy and money 😁but I feel happy now when I see my baby running over tha nuw adition.