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Have you ever been so sad that it physically hurts inside ?


Absolutely. More times than I wish. The feeling is indescribable, only comparable with the being toppled and smashed by an invisible force. Our brain is a marvelous machine. It can make us forget about pain when our body has been actually damaged (anyone who has been in war or in a car accident know the feeling), but it can also make us succumb physically even though the whole body is intact.

I remember vividly the only time I have fallen on my knees because of one of those emotional pains. I was in the States studying and I got a call from home. I did not answer on time and the message went to the machine. One of sisters-in-law was saying that my most beloved uncle, only I shared with more than with own father, had been brutally murdered on a desolate road. I had never experienced such impression and I could not believe I was unable to remain standing. My legs shook, my heard went airy, I felt the kind of dizziness you experience after excruciating physical work and next thing I know I was on my knees crying.

The second time I felt a pain this unbearable was when my then seven-year-old daughter told me crying that she wanted me to take her to a heart doctor because her heart hurt too much. Her mother and I had just separated and the relation was heading towards divorce. I had been devastated and every time I visited them, my daughter and I could not help embracing and crying. I did all I could to avoid the slit and eventual divorce, but the decision was taken and the gap was unbridgeable.

That day my daughter told me that I understood how powerful heart ache can be, how close we are to actually dying of sadness and how important it was that I got strength from weakness and provide support for my little ones. It is not easy when the shared pain the equally obtruding. The good thing about this kind of mind-numbing and suffocating pain is that, like the physical one, it recedes with time. 


Yes, many times, and not only does it hurt inside you but you feel that something was broken inside you. Perhaps the sadness caused by the death of a loved one is one of the saddest experiences that any human being can experience and I have experienced it many times. One of the last was the death of a great friend who had cancer. Since we were little we were very united. In fact, we studied together at school and in high school. He was always a happy person, one of those who always has a joke, a smile for everything. Last year he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, one of the most terrible of all.

I remember when he told me, I felt as if something in me had broken, as if the blood had escaped from my veins and my heart had stopped. He saw me and said, with his characteristic smile, that he would overcome it and that cancer would not be able to cope with it. Between chemo and radiotherapy he lost weight, hair, smile and life. In fact, I admit that in the last few times I had not wanted to see him personally because when I saw him like this, I ended up crying and feeling a lot of anguish in my heart.

Unfortunately, the cancer won him the battle. When they told me, I felt that something in me was breaking, that something salty was going up in my mouth and a freezing sensation was crossing my back. They told me that he died peacefully, that until the last moment he was telling jokes and making people laugh. That day I regretted not having seen him, not going to his house to visit him, not having seen his unmistakable smile for the last time, but I loved him so much that it hurt me so much to see him like that.   



This situation is more common that most people think. Being emotionally troubled can trigger psychogenic responses from the body without being conscious about it. A common manifestation is having constipation or diarrhea when everything seems normal (examination from lab results shows that all are within normal levels). If sadness is a stimuli, so as other stress and people can actually feel real pain from their psychological stresses. 

Another good example is hyperacidity the cause of abdominal cramps. Acid secretion is influences by stressed perceived.


Life is a bed of roses it has many ups and downs and some moments we are happy and feeling that we are the luckiest man in the world but at some moments we are sad and become disappointed and feeling that we are not for the earth we should be dead and almost we are dead by our nerves

I also have some situations in my life ups and downs also come in my life some moments are merrymaking some are tears heading moments which is same for all i want to share some of my story to you also read it with your soul not by your mind

Like all boys of my age i also was a naughty boy and make many troubling conditions also j was the first child of my parents so they have many hopes with me With the increasing time by reaching to puberty i also fall apray to some bad habits mostly of the tanagers also do same.

I started smoking ,smoker playing, false riding on bikes and this gave my parents a worry many time my father caught me and beat me in bitter way so might i left it and become a good boy i was beaten by rods,pipes etc

In these situation one person who save me from rebuking of my parents was my grand paa he was like my friend he always told my father all boys do the same dont beat my boy like a donkey its a life to enjoy 

I always use to told him how i spend my day in smoking etc one day at winter night 8 came late in house and silently went to his room

He smiled and asked how much you win in smoker today i show him 90 rupees with smile then went to lounge for watching movie after ending the movie i went to his room and saw he was sleeping with a smile on his face i went out and slept on my bed after some hours i heard crying of my father i woke up went out and watch grand paa was no more i felt something paining in my heart so the smile was present when he was nit alive 8 cant understand what happens i felt piercing pain inside me tears coming out on my face i don't understand everything a person who was my support who was my shelter who was my friend was no more these worlds cause lot of pain in my heart

# Conclusions

There are some condition when sadness hurts physically inside i also face these co ditions in my life several time in alm of them the biggest sadness with pain story is discusses with u whenever i thing that night again i went to shock with piercing pain inside me


Yes, that happened to me unfortunately. The loss of someone you love or a huge disappointment can lead to a pain like that. It's how your nervous system reacts. 

It's not a real pain, not caused by an illness, but you have to pay attention to that and don't neglect it because it can get worse. You have to strengthen your nervous system, a simple magnesium and B6 combination can work miracles. If not, you should consult your doctor. 


Sadness is more emotional than physical and whatever affects our emotions can affect our whole being that's why a happy person behaves happy and a sad person dissipates negative energy. Sadness doesn't cause physical pain but it causes a kind of emotional pain that can even be worse than physical pain.

Sadness always hurt inside and it can also make someone to inflict physical harm on himself /herself. I sometimes prepare physical pain to emotional pain caused by sadness because it can ruin a person 's day.


@Luueetang, It's just not about my case but many faces this specially when we face something really deep and painful aspects. But in my opinion sometimes it's really important to cry because it's an tool to release the burden for sure. And when we hold on to our emotions without releasing it then for sure it will going to start eating us from inside.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed 🙂