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What is the Most Important Things To Know Before You Ever Consider Getting Married?
Marriage is a very important factor in everyone's life as it expresses the outcome of true love and production of new family with a new life. One of the best ways of expressing true love is by making marriage proposal to your loved ones.
With marriage, you are able to develop your new home and family which connotes a new life with your loved ones.
An astonishing factor is that most people want to get married very fast some of them don't really know some important factors to be considered before getting married. Marriage isn't just something you delve into when you are not eligible. The below points explains some factors to be considered before getting married.

1) TRUE LOVE: There is a great difference between true love and just mere love. True love is a very important factor that must exist between couples. The love must be pure and genuine. Without true love, there can't be sincerity between couples which may break up or end the marriage.
Don't rush because your mates are already married, just stay focus and be with someone who loves you sincerely and not someone who is after your materialistic achievements. Go for true love and not lust.

2) SACRIFICE: Sincere Marriage can never exist without true love and true love can not exist without sacrifice. Sacrifice is a very important aspect in every successful marriages. Always be ready to make sacrifice must to make your marriage successful.

3) PATIENCE: You are eager to get married, but are you ready to pay the price?. Patience is one of the greatest ways of achieving a successful relationship. There are times your partner will get you angry and the best thing to do is to be patient. Long lasting marriages had undergone many rise and falls, argument, risks and other factors but the fact is that they end up making peace with each other true the virtue of patience. Learn to develop the attitude of patience before you plan for marriage.

4) CAPABILITY: An important factor you should ask yourself is that are you really capable of getting married?
As a man, do you have any reliable source of income to feed your family and fulfil your responsibilities?
As a woman, are you ready to fulfil your responsibilities?
Once you are ready to take up your responsibilities, then you are a way ahead of getting married.

5) TRUST: Trust without marriage is just like adding sugar without tea. Trust is very important in every relationship which leads to successful marriage. If you are ready to develop trust in your partner, then you are ready to get married.

Always remember every successful marriage came up as a result of the couples involved. Do not be scared to get married, just make sure true love and trust is always present and keep hoping for the best.

Thanks for reading.
In my own view of life, the most important thing to know before considering marriage is trust between each other. The concept of marriage is imbibe in the level of trust
Firstly, What is marriage? Marriage is the union or joining together of both sex which is the male and female in the process of living together as husband and wife.
I should let you know that marriage is a not a play thing, permit me to use one of my cousin as the user case, though they got married on five years ago but since they got married there have not been peace among them, but they have given birth to four children. Will I call that love or something else?
Looking at this case I begin to wonder that how did they agree to marry each other when love doesn’t exist between them, if not that they love themselves and agree to. So how come they became enemies through a matter of time if not that they refuse to look into some considerations, they just think they could love each other and just jump into marriage like that.
Marriage is a (let me call it a mission) whereby things will happen and consideration must be made in order for the success of this marriage and the most important part is that there must be understanding.
Now let me answer your question: there are most important things to know before you ever consider to get married which are:
First and foremost is to be prepared to accept your lover default and be able to cope with it

Secondly, you should be a very good friend to the person you are willing to get married to, to understand maybe the two of you are compatible for each other

You must accept your partner for who he/she is, don’t expect him/her t change because the change will surely comes to her. Do not force for change, you will just be getting it through the wrong side

Always communicate constituently, this will really help build the relationship, don’t get tired of talking

Try to value your partner
Always work together concerning project works and any other work
Plan the future with partner so that thing can work out easily for both in future.

Make sure you are sexually compatible. This is optional, it is based on your believe

Live together at least for a year before getting married to make sure you are compatible roommate.

Lastly, this is very compulsory in the west Africa, you must know the kind of family your partner, the father, mother, sibling and other family member behavior and likeness towards you.

Repercaution of not considering this before marriage:
Lack of peaceful marriage
Lack of understanding
Less love
War against individual
War against neighborhood
War against partner parent
Health stability: Your health is not safe because you might end up giving yourself high blood pressure
And more………….

In conclusion, you need to look into this consideration before you get married to avoid chaos after getting married and mostly in future.
I hope i have answered your question?

Thanks for reading!!
One of the biggest decision in life is when someone decides to get married. Through the wedding you will bind the promise and commit to live out your life together with someone else's lifetime. There are many things to consider, and it is not a trivial matter.

While you steady for marriage, you have to make provision for the journey as husband and wife. You also have to learn a lot about life preclude

* Marriage also affects the tax
When you were single and not married, Your obligation is to pay the Bill yourself. Of course this will be different when you're married, including taxes.

the financial statements should be managed together
Before getting married, you and your partner do a variety of things, including taking care of finances separately from each other. However, when married, you and your spouse have the same dream, like buying a House and a vehicle. Things like this is that requires cooperation between two people who are married.

* language of love couples
How each person expresses feelings of love of course vary, including how you and your spouse must have a different way. Before marriage, be sure you understand the language of love couples to avoid conflicts in early marriage.

* How to fight different
Before marriage, when an altercation occurred and could not be dilerai, then you and your partner can decide to end the relationship. But not when you have boldly decided to get married, you and your spouse will have to find other ways to fight and solve the problem.

* Understand how to collaborate
When married, you should understand that your self with spouse has become a team that can not be separated.

* You and your spouse is a family
At the beginning of the marriage may still feels weird considers sister pair is also the younger brother of your own. The thing that must be understood in an early marriage is the role, that you and your spouse has become one of the family
I'm not married so I'm not sure if I'm the perfect one to answer this but personally I ask myself these 2 things:

1. Are we both financially stable?

The two of us must have a decent and stable job first before even considering marriage. Sure some girls likes to be treated as a princess, but the problem I see with only the husband working is that the wife will become too dependent on the husband. When conflicts arises in the future, the wife will be at a complete disadvantage seeing as she has no source of income.

2. Can I stand my partner's flaws and annoying habits?
Dating is only fun because you two will only be spending a limited amount of time per day. When you two agree to meet on a certain place, you have an ample time to prepare (dress up, shave, fix your hair, etc..) and that's why when you see your partner, he/she is in his best state.

Now compare that to marriage where you two will spend the night and probably spend 24/7 with each other especially on weekends You will see your partner without make-up or even smell his/her breath first things first in the morning. There are also some annoying habits of him/her that you can stand during the dating part but not after living with him/her.

Before considering marriage, one must first think deeply if they really can stand this annoying habits.