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After asking a question on musing, do you normally read the answers?

Yes. I too read answers on my question asked in musing. Musing is a platform which provides us local interaction with real users and there we get rewarded too with our question and answer. There are lots of question comes to our mind regularly and there is a lot to know from other users. 

I only ask question here which i am unfamiliar with and i want to know about it. So there are chances of wrong answer given from users in different platforms. But in musing i feel the answers which i get to read are real based and given by the knowledgeable persons or users. So i read all answers of my question. I too learn something from answers given to me. Also, it helps me to improve my English language too. 


When I ask a question here on Musing it's either one of the two: because I am genuinely curious about something or I need help. 

This week for example I've asked about What is the best Android Player? after my VLC kept on crashing. I've downloaded all the recommendations I got from that question and even give them some liquid Steem since my upvotes aren't worth much. 

Last month too I gave out some liquid Steem after someone gave a helpful answer on my  How do I turn on my phone if the power button is broken? I honestly spent 3+ hours searching for a solution to that and it was kinda surprising that a Musing user was the first one to provide a solution for my predicament. I mean I should have immediately asked the question here before spending 3 hours reading artilces and watching youtube for solutions that didn't work. Lol

So yeah! I read all answers from the questions I asked here and even give out some liquid Steem if the answer really helped me. XD


Yes, and I upvote them as well. That's because the questions I ask are issues I need answers to. I don't just ask questions because I feel pressured to ask since musing gives such opportunity.

What's the need of asking if I don't value the answers, it's just gonna be like me wasting precious time on what doesn't add anything to my life or matter to the platform I am engaged in


Good question!!!

My answer is 'yes', I normally read answers given by the audience on MUSING. Some of the answers are given from their own ideology, experience or research. Most times, I ask questions that I think I don't know or that seems to bother me very much, so after few minutes I will go back to read the answer given. I know that no answer given is bad. Most answers I get here from this platform helps a lot.... It gives me joy when I get the right answer that seems to meet my need at that particular moment. Even though the answer does not suit me I still upvote them. I believe all answers are valid and they must be upvoted. 

This is also a great platform that helps so solve matters just like google. Sometimes, not all questions we ask here get the answers, some are left unattended to, while some get its answer.... 

I find this place pleasing and captivating. 



Yes of course! Not all, but many of the questions I ask are questions that I actually want to know the answer to :-) Some I just ask out of curiosity ;-) So then I definitely look ;-)


Yes, otherwise what is the point of asking the question! (I guess some people are just trying for upvotes!)

I generally ask questions that I want people opinions about (often related to Steem and Musing), and thus I really value the feedback I recieve and the majority of the time it has been really helpful.

I think that people who just ask questions and move on should really evaluate why they are on Musing


Thats interesting question.

I have also observed that some people post too many questions and wounder how they find enough time to read all the answers.

Although I have post very few questions but I love to hear all the answers received.

Even I read answers of some questions which are related to my field of interest.