Do you feel sad that musing has its delegation taken away?
At a point in time last year, I actually thought musing was gonna one day hit 100k in questions. This dapp had lots of potential and I thought it could one day be somewhat like a Wikipedia in a decentralized manner. It was paying everyone well and now it's gone. It's quite sad to think of it sometimes.

It I'd actually sad.

Even before musing lost its delegation, it had so much potential. People asked and answered questions a lot.

So I don't really think they came in for any delegation.

What happened?

Why did they stop?

It actually is sad, I really hope I can come here one day and see musing bubbling like it used to.


To be sincere, anytime I think about this incident I always feel sad about it. Musing loosing their delegation has really affected the platform negatively such that most users had to leave or quit musing because they don't get rewarded by the curators of Musing anymore. I believe it is always advisable to make an impact sometimes without hoping for something in return. Most of the people whom we both provide answers together to people's questions all left because they don't get rewarded for their effort after musing lost it's delegation.

I just hope Musing can be back to how it used to be before such that we had more amount of users making use of Musing to ask questions and provide answers to people's questions. This is one of the reasons I do call musing "the paying Quora built on blockchain.

In conclusion, no muser feels happy for the lost of delegation which happened to Musing because musing was actually rewarding everyone for their great impact on the platform and it is adding more to my knowledge.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I can't say what I feel is sadness over the loss of the delegation. It's more disappointment, and then frustration. Disappointment that the delegation was removed in the first place, when it was helping a lot of musers (if not Musing itself) to earn rewards while actually providing a service, and frustration that Musing apparently has given up on the idea of curation all together, even though they still have a sizable delegation that they don't seem to be doing anything with.

I suppose the issue becomes having the time to do curation, and what the cost benefit of that might be. I don't know how many curators there were before, or how many were getting paid (one apparently wasn't), so, yes, it would be difficult to spend several hours a day reading through answers to determine whether an upvote is warranted, and then how much of one, without any kind of compensation.

The problem is, relying solely on a large delegation wasn't much of a plan in the first place, and having curators paid out of pocket, via power downs, etc., wasn't a sustainable payment model. Unfortunately, I don't know what the answer to this is, other than potentially taking a beneficiary cut like some other dApps do, simply because Musing had nothing other than curation going for it.

That doesn't mean the question and answer format is not a good one, or that there's not a way to make it sustainable. Maybe the token they're waiting to develop will come sooner rather than later. Hopefully it will be based on STEEM. There is at least one option becoming available for that, with more supposedly on the way. Maybe that will help Musing.

One thing that would, though, is if more of us would upvote questions and answers like we do everywhere else. That's been one of the main things lacking anyway.