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What is the average expected cash amount you would want to earn from steemit per month ?
Just wanted to know what is the average amount of cash your expecting to earn per month as a steemian

I expect nothing, and therefore I am grateful for what I do receive. 

I have target goals, but they are set so low that's the risk of not achieving them is almost an impossibility. 

This keeps my goals realistic, and when I surpass them, it's a better feeling. 


Before and now is different.

Before, I was earning more than $1000 per month just sitting and posting everyday with my ideas and promotional campaign. It was when Steem reached its "All-Time" high and  gained a lot of attention to the community and even the outside community. So my expected cash amount cashout per month would be around $1000 - $3000. To be honest.

But right now is different. The market has crashed a lot and it hurts. I have withdrawn a lot of my Steem power because I badly needed some bucks in my wallet. It was painful but I have to do it for the sake of paying my bills.

But to answer the question, my expected cash amount per month would be ranging from $350 - $500 only now. Its a big amount actually but it was never the same as before. I am still positive and all in with Steem. In fact, I have never participated in other blogging-site platforms :)


I am a student. My aim 100 to 150 steem per month because possible to meet all my expenses. So I have taken a target here that

from steemit i will earn 100 plus steem per month. If I calculate an average, I can see that 70-80 steem can earn very easily from here. However, I have to work a bit more if I want to fill my target. My target is steem 100 to 150 per month. I think that if I work hard here, I can meet all my expenses from here. Here are some ways to earn more than, I am describing below:

1. Firstly, I have to work here

2. Secondly, if there is money, then i have to invest here

3. Thirdly, there must be active here

4. Fourthly, we have to be good to everyone here

5. Fifthly , I need to use musing, dtube, steemhunt, dlike, actifit etc.


I just started earning some real rewards, and if things continue the way they are, I'll have around $150 monthly.

However I'm aiming to improve into $200-300 monthly starting January.

That is of course if I don't give into my lazyness.

I'm not withdrawing any of it though.

It's going to be my emergency money in case my child need something, like braces or something like that.

Thankfully, education is "Free" here.

But if we're playing with "what if", I'd love to have reliably $3,000 per month just from Steem.

Basically make it my Day Job.

But that's impossible unless you abuse bid bots, and that's sometime I don't want to do. Bid bots are cancer.


I think $200 would be sufficient for now. It's my dream to become a full-time writer and I run a blog on steem it. So I can earn at least a $200 monthly from writing I would give that dream a shot. I will still pursue other personal projects. The major thing that amount would do for me is that it enables me to cater for my basic needs. Having that covered I can pursue other things.


I actually made a whole post making that calculation. I actually need 10k to survive, and 15k to thrive. So 15k divided by 12 is 1250. So that is a lot, but only if I want to live off Steemit alone. But I actually be perfect happy with 600 a month.


Currently, when I am active posting and commenting I earn about 100 steem/SBD a month which is not bad. I would like to double or triple this amount but to make it plausible I think I will need to invest a few thousand more dollars into purchasing Steem and powering it up so my VP is worth a bit more. 300 steem a month is my goal, with a steem value of $5/coin. How about yourself?

Good question

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