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What is the most scariest conspiracy theory?

The one that turn out true. I wouldn't call them "scary", but they make you question everything. 

Like, a person in UK might become very unhappy, when they find out that Alan Turing wasn't the first one to break the Enigma, and the UK army already had a working copy of enigma even before 1939. 

Because there were consequences for that fact.

Every time, Germans bombed UK, the army knew about the incoming attack but chose to sacrifice the civilians.

It's "scary" that your government might sacrifice you to the enemy just to justify counter attack.  *cough* 911 *cough*


No doubt the Donald Marshall and cloning centers that the new world order has arranged around the world to replace important characters of humanity and themselves when they are already in advanced stages of age. Donald Marshall states that he visited one of these cloning centers where he assures many characters and figures are part and from which they have been replaced and indoctrinated.

The man has been responsible for developing extremely convincing and spooky theories that relate an accumulation of people with the control and indoctrination of today's world.