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Since new tech is here, what do u think is gonna happen to those who have already been left out of technology since the 2000s?
Tech revolution

I like this question simply because I've known several people who are like this. 

Let's start with business, obviously the businesses who won't adapt to the technology will be bankrupt because most customers are already in the new tech, online on social medias so they won't be able to compete against other businesses who has websites or are online. 

Regarding people,  I have a close friend who is like this. When we graduated high school, both of us weren't able to go to college, started almost on the same job with same salary as a fast food crew but after a few years, I've learned new things about technology and was able to land a call center job then eventually right now, I'm working from home while she didn't have much change in her life or job. 

Basically, people who can't adapt to the new technology will also lose out to the opportunities the new technology can provide. 


I think they will live the way they used for decades. The new stuff that they will have to use without having other alternative will learn while they will probably won't have any interest in learning anything else new. For some it is healthier to not be in touch with all the tech. There are in my country remote villages with people that live without TV, internet, smartphones and even electricity and they don't have any problem doing that. They seem to have less stress live healthier and even longer than we are, the ones that are always in tune with all the "tech revolution". I for example like to make my life easier with certain gadgets, but at the same time I realize it is more expensive and more stressful also. For the ones that want to live in tech world will have to learn about new tech and start using it. Blockchain is finding its use case in more and more sectors, the money is in a change sliding towards digital money and so on. So, in my opinion, either you live with the tech and start learning using it or you go to a remote location when none of it has any value. Being in the middle of the modern society and not knowing even how to use a smartphone will be hard...