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What can you buy with bitcoins?
I was thinking since the fee usually is high for us to exchange bitcoins to cash then why not I just directly use them to purchase things

You can use bitcoins to buy lots of lots of things. Bitcoin has always been the number one cryptocurrency. Hence, it is used widely and most of the places that accept crypto generally accept Bitcoin.

In this post, I will mention some notable services that you can buy using Bitcoin below:


Many popular VPN services accept bitcoin payments which make it easier for the buyer to stay anonymous. thevpn.guru has a nice list of such services that I have quoted below:

> One of the biggest reasons why it makes sense to pay for your VPN subscription using bitcoins is that you’ll get to remain anonymous...  Have a look at our list of best VPNs that accept bitcoins below:

  • ExpressVPN   
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • BulletVPN
  • NordVPN
  • IPVanish
  • PrivateInternetAccess

> Source: https://thevpn.guru/vpn-accept-bitcoin/


Expedia is a travel booking site with a Alexa site rank of 621 in the whole world. It accepts bitcoin.


Overstock.com is a large ticket booking site. They have been very supportive of blockchain technology and accept bitcoin for payment. They have also invested in Minds.com a crypto based social network.

Other major retailers.

You can find a list of major retailers that accept bitcoin here: https://99bitcoins.com/who-accepts-bitcoins-payment-companies-stores-take-bitcoins/


With kurecoin wallet you can buy almost anything with Bitcoin. All they need is to get the app and they can receive payment with Bitcoin and get credited with cash.


I would like to say that there are many stuff you can buy with bitcoins however let me try to omit out those which requires you to change to other currencies before being able to purchase. 

1. In Singapore you can buy COFFEE directly with Bitcoins 

Its Singapore 's first cashless cafe which only accepts cards and crypto. They do not accept any cash and is dependable on cashless.  The name of the cafe is Ducatus Cafe  and its owners has a crypto mining operation.

2.  You can buy a PRINCESS 88 Motor Yacht 

With a selling price of BTC 767.52 you are able to purchase this beautiful Yacht and sail around the world with it.  https://www.cryptoemporium.eu/product/princess-88-motor-yacht/

3. You can buy your favourite retail products using bitcoin at http://overstock.com . They started accepting cryptocurrencies since 2014. Its very likely you will find something that you like from its stores. 

4. You can buy fan gamer apparels like button badges, caps , clothes and all sorts of game apparels from http://fangamer.com which of course accepts bitcoins as well. 

5. You can directly buy your flight tickets using https://www.abitsky.com/  . Yes you can do it thru expedia as well .. this is just an alternative and it actually list out the price in BTC. 

There are so many more services and products which you can buy using bitcoins now especially with such a great bull run early of 2018, people now start to understand the value of BTC and businesses are taking advantage of this new economy.  

Cheers and have a great weekend ahead !. 


I'll list online vendors that accept Bitcoin:

- Overstock.com (an online department store)

- Microsoft (software)

- Gyft or eGyfter (gifts)

- Expedia, CheapAir, SurfAir (flights)

- Bjork, Imogen Heep (music)

- Sharps Pixley, APMEX, JM Bullion (gold)

- PizzaforCoins (pizza)

- Lucern University of Applied Sciences and Arts

For further information:



The list is endless, you can buy from a hamburger to a ferrari to a plane or war tank.

You can buy anything you can imagine, you just need to know where to look.

We already know that bitcoin is the currency of the deepweb and here everything is sold.

From people to services like murder and other horrible things.

In the clear world you can already make many purchases with your birtcoins.


Microsoft has added bitcoin as a means of payment for certain contents of its online platforms in December 2014.

As the company reflects on its payment information page, customers residing in the United States can add credit to their accounts using bitcoin and use it to buy apps, games or videos on Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox.


The giant specialist in consumer technology announced in July that it was beginning to accept bitcoin through an agreement with Coinbase.


He became the first major retailer to accept bitcoin when he made it public in January 2014.

Here you can buy furniture, jewelry, appliances or computers.

Prices are in dollars but there is the option to pay with bitcoins on the checkout page.

This option is available for 100 countries


Another large retailer (invoiced 2,800 million dollars in 2013), specializing in hardware and software that also sells accessories.


The largest European company that accepts bitcoins.

Sell ​​a wide variety of products such as clothing, accessories, cosmetics and household goods and accept payments after closing an agreement with Paymium.


The portal for the sale of computers and consumer technology also accepts bitcoins as a payment option.


The French network has announced plans to start accepting bitcoins this year.

He also indicated that they are working on a mobile payment solution for their physical stores in which the bitcoin option could be offered as well.


In this online store you can buy from air conditioners to watches, all in bitcoins (also Litecoin and Dogecoin since July 14, 2014).

Only available for shipments to the United States.

Memory Dealers

Here you can buy everything related to memory for computers and hardware.

They support bitcoin since its inception.


Latvian airline that accepts bitcoins.

A representative of the company indicated that the bitcoin payment option is offered for basic rates excluding China, Indonesia, India, Iceland, Jordan, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Russia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

After initially charging an extra € 5.99 to pay with bitcoin, the company changed its mind and removed this fee.

Air Lituanica

Another European airline that accepts bitcoin to buy tickets as part of its innovation policy.


The California-based travel booking portal started accepting bitcoin in November 2013 and announced in July that it had billed more than $ 1.5 million in bitcoin sales, around 200,000 hotel reservations and train tickets.


The first booking website dedicated exclusively to the bitcoin community. In August 2014, they began accepting payments in dogecoin and litecoin.

UK's Theater Direct

The British ticketing service recently started accepting payments in bitcoin, offering its reservation service for London, as well as the West End Theater and musicals.

Honest Brew

Online beer sales portal that specializes in own and third-party craft beers, including Weird Beard, BrewDog and Pressure Drop.

Coco Mats n 'More

They offer mats and mats with logos related to bitcoin for fans of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Gift Cards

If you can not find online or physical stores that accept bitcoin directly you can choose to buy gift cards with bitcoins with a balance to spend in certain stores.

Many gift card services accept bitcoin and you can use these cards in many large retailers, such as Walmart, Amazon, Target and Nike.

In the United Kingdom, Gift Off allows its customers to use up to 15 cryptocurrencies to buy gift cards that you can use in 177 retailers, such as Amazon, Marks & Spencer, Ryanair and American Apparel.

This service is beginning to be deployed in the rest of Europe as well, with France and Germany being the first to receive a broader range of options.

Pay for trips with Bitcoin

One of the yearnings of the bitcoin community is to be able to pay for travel in bitcoin.

This would greatly alleviate the tedium of having to constantly exchange currency in local exchanges and carry a lot of cash.

Let's see which companies accept bitcoin as a form of payment.


It became the first travel agency in the world to accept payment with bitcoin in early 2014.

In the words of its CEO, Amuda Goueli, "BitCoin may represent in the future the usual form of payment around the world."


The online travel giant has integrated bitcoin payments into its platform through Coinbase.

One Shot Hotels

The Spanish hotel chain has been accepting payments in bitcoins since October 1, 2014 in Madrid (one of them with its own bitcoin ATM).

Pay services with Bitcoin

Cai - Capital

Company that offers international investors the purchase of properties in the United Kingdom with various cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.


More and more service providers have decided to incorporate bitcoin as a form of payment.

Some do it to innovate, others because they believe it as a currency and others because it is within their marketing strategy.


The giant of the purchase of domains and web hosting accepts payments in bitcoin since March 2013, being the first domain registration portal in the world to do so.






they are just some of the best known companies that allow you to contract VPNs with bitcoins.

This post is now very extensive so I will leave the list until there


It depends on date and how much bitcoins you have.


You should check out crypto.com.  They are working on a VISA credit card that will pull from your crypto wallet.  In this way you can pretty much use BTC to buy anything you want.  You should definitely check it out.  It looks like a really great idea and if they implement it right I think a lot of people will be using it in the future.  I am thinking about signing up for one myself.  I think it would be a really smart investment.  Plus if you buy their coin and stake it you can get different levels of the card that offer different benefits like crypto back and things like that.  There is even a card that pretty much pays for your Netflix and Spotify subscriptions every month.  I know this is an old question, but you should really check it out.  It is pretty exciting!


you can buy so many things using Bitcoin, Bitcoin have huge global acceptance as compare to other cryptocurrency, I have used Bitcoin to buy domain name from Namecheap. You can buy following things using Bitcoin.

1. You can buy Amazon Product using Purse.io

2. You can Book Travel ticket using Bitcoin.travel

3. You can Buy Domain and hosting from Namecheap.

Above list is very short, You can buy everything which you can buy using Fiat currency. if you search over Google you can find the way to use your Bitcoin depend upon your location and country. If you live in US then you can do anything with your Bitcoin, In US Bitcoin acceptance is more as compare to any other country.