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If one day everything went digital, do you think we would become super couch potatoes?
I have seen before very long ago, the next generations of humans would have these huge heads due to less usage of the body.

No, Well some yes, Probably many will at the start. There is a bigger use today for digital products and a bigger demand for game play on line. We would still need to earn some finance even if everything is digital. 

We would still need employment, we need people working to provide the services we are accustomed to. There will always be a need for employment in some form. There will also always be someone willing to work, As a species we like to do things to explore and learn, Sitting on the couch all day long is not something we are well designed to do. Our brains crave motivation and knowledge.

I can see the need for many more being employed in the digital circles, This I do not see as a couch potato. This is just the method used for people to preform the duties they need to. When their work is done, They may not stay at the computer, Exercise, socializing hobbies and other interests will also be wanted, some if not all of them. You can see even in Steem now, That those who have a stability of finance still do other things too. They are here and on servers like discord helping others too.

The digital arena will provide more jobs and more entertainment, It will do this to many more people than it does now, Currently there is just over 50% of the world population on line, That number may have grown over the last couple of years, and I did not check the latest statistics. The ability to be on line now is much easier with the use of smart phones, 

People use their smart phones now on a daily basis to surf the web and other activities. The majority of people are doing this as they go from place to place and wait for something like transport or even while travelling. In every change there are some who will ride the wave for as long as possible for the free ride. There are much more who will use it to better their lives and improve on the things they have.

Digital wont turn us into zombies or couch potato. We have those already. We have lazy people with us now, and we have those with a much stronger drive to work. People want to feel alive and a couch potato does not feel like they are living (my opinion) they feel like they exist. This is not to say that those who sit all day and work at their computer are couch potato's, Some of these people put long days in for the work they do or interactions with others.

Society is evolving and today Digital community hold as much benefit in being able to reach other people that need support in some way, That may not have been reached otherwise. Digital is only part of the way forward. 

How it moves forward is through us. It removes borders and prejudice. when you meet someone on line now, You do not know where they are from and your opinion gets formed by the conversation. Digital in some ways is breaking down the borders and dismissing prejudice and racism to an extent. Digital can give us more opportunities through communities to do more. This ability to do more will over come the couch potato mentality in more cases than not.


Even now when the entirety is not digital yet, many people are becoming couch potatoes, and living a sedentary lifestyle.

Look at the kids today. You can rarely see them playing outdoor games. Looking back when I was young, we go out to play with our playmates. Kids are much healthier then. Many children today are unhealthy and overweight or obese because they don't play physical games anymore. They are stuck in their gadgets playing games, online or offline. Their eyes is even more at risk to have blurry vision because of extreme exposure to radiation at a young age.

Even adults are becoming sedentary as well. Many are prone to diabetes because they were sitting pretty doing online stuff. What more when everything was already digital?

Of course, we should not undermine the benefits of digital technology. They boost businesses' growth, provides a lot of jobs, and to provide services easier during this era of fast-paced life. In fact, technology can also help to have good fitness through fitness trackers.

What can we do is to budget our time. Spare some time to have a walk outdoors and exercise. Move your body to lose the fats accumulated from sitting. Do not over-exposed yourself to the technology. Give yourself a balance in using these digital technologies.


I remember also that cartoon image with people having large heads carried with some one wheel sticks and it's somehow funny but also sad. I've noticed that the more everything becomes digital and we have more and more comfort at the tip of our finger we become also lazy. One example is online shopping. 

Back in the days you would have to actually go shopping if you needed a pair of shoes or anything else. Now you can just order them and the delivery guy brings them to your door. You can wait for them while eating a pizza that was also delivered while you don't have to make a step outside or to the kitchen for that. Unfortunately this is the cruel reality. 

The more "digital" we become the more potatoes we become also, but that's not the case for everyone and especially for the elderly ones. I've noticed that the ones that "were not born" with tech besides them still have the habit of walking more, getting out of the house and go shopping, running in the parks and not inside like some of us do and so on. I try to minimize at max this tech thing and get out of the house as much as possible. 

Even multiple times a day, and generally do about 7-8 km per day through the town. I like having a certain comfort that tech has to offer but up to some point. I still like trying the shes that I buy in the store and sometimes I'd rather walk to some fast food to pick my shaworma rather than just order it. I find physical activity highly important for both our mental and physical health thus I try to avoid becoming a couch potatoe but I really get your point of the question. 


We will get bored of it and live a balanced life because our life depends on it. Without Health you can't enjoy your wealth, so in the end the most extreme couch potatoes will have to force himself to move out and exercise more.