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Would Your Relationship with Your Sibling Change After You Get Married ?

What a brilliant question there, thank you, actually people would definitely say no to this question and this is because they hardly notice any change themselves, because it happens very slowly

As much as I'll hate to admit it, I'll say everybody's relationship changes with their siblings immediately they get married. I'm not trying to say marriage is a bad thing, but the truth is when one us married priorities will definitely change, the attention that one will show to their siblings will be shifted just slightly to their wives/husband and their children because they now have a new redefined responsibility to their children and their husband which will in turn reduce the relationship they share with their sibling.

At first they'll try to juggle both their nuclear family with their immediate sibling but as the years goes by the load of family commitments and family needs and responsibilities will bring changes no matter how small it may seem or look like.

So definitely I'll change because my commitment and responsibilities will be a challenge for me to match the relationship I once shared with my siblings because the commitments will have to be shared and my immediate family which is my wife and children will get the better attention because I'm now responsible for them.


It can and many times it does.  For example if you are very close with your sibling and you share everything with them, there will likely be shift from them being your main confidant to your spouse being that person.  It isn't something that you purposely do, but it is just something that happens over time.  Likewise as they find someone that they want to spend the rest of their life with, that will shift as well.

You are still siblings and you still love each other, but that closeness that you once shared will probably be gone to a certain degree.  It may make you sad, but you shouldn't necessarily see it as a bad thing.  It is just the way things happen.  

In the end it doesn't have to change it any more than you want it to.  As I stated, there will be changes, but you can mitigate those changes by still reaching out to your sibling.  Try to talk to them frequently.  Continue to share with them the way you have in the past.  You can both appreciate and respect each other by understanding and respecting the new relationship that they have started.


My relationship with my siblings will not change after I get married because they are family and that is for life. We didn't choose who our siblings are going to be. It was a choice our parents made and must be respected.

The only thing that would change when I get married in the context of my relationship with my siblings is priority. Yes my priorities would move from them to my immediate family. I expect them to do same, because when a person gets married, he begins a new generation.

I would like to give my new family my primary focus and attention. I wouldn't want my relationship with my siblings to suffer but I will try as much as possible to strike a balance. I will call them as often as I can, visit the when I can, give them any form of assistance I can possibly render but not to the detriment of the new family I'm trying to build.

When one gets married, it's like planting a seed. You need to water that seed and give it the right conditions for proper growth. Marriage is that seed. If you don't give it the time, attention, focus and care that it requires, it's sure to crumble. That's one of the reasons some marriages end in divorce courts even before the journey begins. I can't take the risk. This is my life, I've got to live it and I expect my siblings to do same.


Regularly it's not supposed to. They are your siblings and they are important but when you get married, new responsibilities come up. You have a job, you'll have kids and you'll have bills to pay. It's easy to get wrapped up in all of it and most people do and eventually they don't have time for their siblings anymore. It doesn't mean they don't love each other. It just means they are responsible to much more that each other at that point. But every once in a while a call or a visit would be appreciated and when your siblings are in need, never fail to help them. Because they'd do the same for you in a heart beat