Would you want to start recycling if you were paid to do it?
If there were vending machines that paid for recyclables, would you want to recycle.
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For me that's not a question of money but a question of principles. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! That's my motto and it should be yours, theirs, everyone's practically and not jut because it's cheaper, but because that's the right thing to do. 

The natural resources we have are limited, that's not a secret to anyone. Using extrapolation methods, you can find out how fast you can empty those natural resources. Our kids, grand kids are going to pay the price for our carelessness or mistake. 

I live in a city in which there's no selective waste collection for almost a year now. Last year all the bins vanished overnight and now everyone throws everything to the garbage. There are collection centers where you can get paid for what you've collected (paper, metal, glass etc.) but the center is way outside the city, basically it's impossible to take everything there, except if you have household electronics that must be taken there, you can't just throw them away anywhere. My heart is aching when I have to throw paper, plastic and glass to the trash. 

But let's look at the facts. Back in the day when there were selective collection bins, some people understood the concept and the role of these bins, others just didn't care. These bins were next to the usual, household garbage bins and how many times I have seen paper, plastic and glass thrown to the household garbage bin. I just can't understand that. 

Recycling material can cost a whole lot less, which reflects in the product price. People are complaining about prices going up all the time but can't be bothered to lift a finger, to do something, which does not cost money, just require a bit of attention and care. 

The revised top 5 List of Recycling Countries 2018 league table:

  1. Germany retain top spot with 56 per cent,
  2. Austria (54 per cent) and,
  3. South Korea (54 per cent)
  4. Wales in fourth place (52 per cent).
  5. Switzerland (49.7). 

Source: http://waste-technology.co.uk/world-recycling-statistics-list-top-countries.html


These are the countries that understood what they have to do. 

And let's see the bottom of the recycling list in 2015 in EU:

  • Slovakia 15%
  • Greece 15%
  • Romania 13%
  • Malta 7%
  • Serbia 1%
  • Turkey 1%
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 0%

Source: https://www.eea.europa.eu/airs/2017/resource-efficiency-and-low-carbon-economy/recycling-of-municipal-waste

In my opinion no matter if you are paid or not, you have an obligation, it's your civil duty to recycle and do everything you can to stop wasting resources. These countries need to up the tempo and do better. 

The European Union set a target by 2030 and some countries won't make the target, that's for sure. 

There's another aspect that has to be taken in consideration. Waste are thrown everywhere, on abandoned lands, beaches, you name it. A lot of small plastic pieces are eaten by animals (birds, fish). This means a great danger to them because plastic is not digestible. 

Collecting waste by volunteers is one possibility but we wouldn't  have to do that if people were more responsible. If we continue like this, not only our resources will be emptied soon but there is a high chance of destroying the fauna as well. 

I've seen an Italian documentary about training dogs to pick up plastic pets on beaches and taking them to the plastic bin. This is the smartest action I've ever seen and I'm very glad that exists. Italy has a vast variety of beaches, hosts millions of tourists from all around the Word annually, these tourists have different background, different level of education. However, we should not rely on animals to pick up the mess we made. Humans should be cleverer, right? 

There is a bigger picture here, more than just a few cents you get from recycling. We should see that. 

I would

It's basically free money and I could use some of it

I want to start recycling whether or not i will be paid for it. There is too much plastic waste in our environment, and as we all may know,  plastic waste cannot be absorbed back into the environment, and the effects of this have extended way into the water bodies.

Most of us know the harmful effects of this massive plastic waste but it doesn't make a difference if we do not act on it.  

We should not wait on out governments to find ways to solutions , change definitely begins with you.

I already recycle even if I'm not paid for it so why not. But this task shouldn't really have any incentive imo. People should know why recycling is important and not because they get paid for it.