Do you sleep at night with an air conditioner switched on or a fan?

I don't really need an air conditioner since i don't live in a hot climate.

Since the beginning of 2018 i have Tinnitus. Which is a very high pitch sound that i hear 24/7. Something like this: 


A fan can distract from the annoying sound. So yes i do sleep with a fan on. 

Another alternative would be to use a white noise app on a phone. Or simply play one of the many white noise video's that are available on youtube.

I find rain and thunder sounds to be very relaxing someway:



I sleep without turning on either of them. I love to open the window wide open, nevertheless, when I am sleeping.


I sleep under my duvet with the Air conditioner on and then I switch it off when the room gets really cold and put it on when it gets hot, lol..

I don't have a fan because I realized that when I sleep with it on, I wake with body pains, I don't know why though. 


If I sleep at night with an air conditioner switched on, I would fear that I will froze to death or wake up frozen. I may not.

The major reason I wouldn't like to sleep at night with an AC switched on is because it's not good for our health. Exposure to excessive cold could lead to pneumonia and other health problems.

I rather prefer to sleep with the fan on, moderately set. Especially during dry season, where room temperature at night becomes higher and the room hotter.

If one wishes to use AC then attention should be paid to moderation. But I would recommend fan rather.


Any of them can serve for me but I wouldn't leave it all through the night because am allergic to cold too,I use for a while,then make use of the one my body had already absorbed.

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Yes, i use fan switched on while sleeping, but it's not recommended for you.


I sleep with an air-conditioner. I've been so used to it that sleeping without it, is unbearable.