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What Skin toner you use at the moment, would you recommend your friends to use ?

Rose Water Toner is best to use because it's naturally pure, you can also make it at home.  personally luv rose-water and I prefer to use everyday on my skin. This is superrb idea to using rosewater in this summer season. When you coming hot from hot sunny weather you feel hotness and irritating skin, when you can use rose-water spray it gives you refreshment. You can also put your bottle of rose-water spray in your handy bag. 

 Amazing Benefits Of Rose Water:

  • Rose-water has anti-flaming, antioxidant properties and they can keep your skin moisturizing, nourishment, and be hydrating all the time.
  • Also gives you a fresh look you can use rose-water spray everytime when you feel dryness and dehydrating skin due to hot sunny weather.
  • Many peoples think is it using old-fashion but not at all, it is awesome.
  • Rosewater in essence very sweet and fresh. It can also use as an astringent on the skin.
  • It is great skin toner to keep hydrating our skin. It helps to keep close open pores and cleanup.

Note : this is not promotion, just sharing

My wife used that toner. Nah, i recommend i because the result is WOW enough. It's a little bit expensive, but its worthy.