What could make you quit a marriage?

Infidelity and threat to life are what could make me quit my marriage. Declined love or communication breach in a marriage can be corrected easily if both partners want the marriage to work but any marriage stained by infidelity hardly get back on track. Infidelity is a sign of complete disconnection from one's partner and anything that would make my partner disrespect me in such manner means that such a partner has already made up her mind to move on and I'll let her be. I'll forgive her but we won't be together any more.


Committed by my spouse:

- Repeated infidelity

- Physical violence

- Grave financial irresponsibility

- Abusing our children 


A lack of love, respect or communication.


- Finding the real attitude of your partner. Oftentimes real attitude comes out the moment couples are bonded together. The hidden desires, motives and character reveals in this stage. When their partner find it out and that it the character/trait is difficult to bear. They choose to separate ways.

Another one is love fades. There has been no spice in the relationship. Love doesn't exist anymore, it gets tired. So couples agree to quit their marriage.

Falling in love with other person is another ticket to broken marriage. He loves another woman and he chose to quit marriage.

Lastly, career and peer pressure. There are some times that we overlook our career and take advices from friends personally. Because of this, couples quit their marriage.


I would quite a marriage when I get cheated or when there is a physical or mental abuse by a partner. All these cannot be tolerated by any individual, so it will be much safer and peaceful to live alone than to adjust and struggle with wrong partner.