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Are tomatoes good for our health?

Yes, definitely! Looks like tomatoes are the fourth most popular vegetables and are  good for everything. It can be consumed as raw, which is preferable if you want  to benefit from all nutrients tomato has to offer. Tomato is a great source of vitamin C, Vitamin K1, Potassium, B9, Beta-Carotene (which is converted into Vitamin A). 

Tomatoes are also a great source of  lycopene which is effective at lowering LDL cholesterol. Processed tomato products contain a higher amount of lycopene, however, tomatoes are recommended to be consumed as fresh.

Other health benefits are  tomatoes can prevent developing cancer. They are a great source of vitamin C and other antioxidants, which  can help combat the formation of free radicals responsible for causing cancer. 

Apart from the consumption of fresh and processed tomatoes, you can use tomatoes to clean you skin. It's advisable for both, oily and dry skin. Mixed with aloe vera it's and excellent skin softener and cleaner.

Tomato  peel waste can be also utilized in canning factories. It's a great  source for pectin production which can be utilized as tin corrosion  inhibitor. There are fruits and vegetables that can have an effect on the can they are stored.  Oranges have a pH ranging from 3.69–4.34, tomatoes pH is 4.30–4.90.

I've seen an Italian documentary about this and find it very  thoughtful. It's a natural ingredient, not to mention the waste  reduction. 

According  to US Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service, Italy is a  world leading processed tomato producer, which means 13% of global  production and 48% of European production. Imagine how much tomato peel  would go unutilized if this wouldn't be possible. 

All photographs are mine. 


the benefits of tomatoes for health

.1. Prevent Cancer

Tomatoes are a powerful source of antioxidants and vitamin C which helps fight free radicals against cancer. The high content of lycopene in tomatoes helps prevent cancer.

2. Protect your heart

Tomatoes contain choline, potassium, fiber and vitamin C which help improve heart function. High potassium intake is effective in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is one of the best health benefits of tomatoes.

3. Prevent Diabetes

High fiber content in tomatoes helps reduce the risk of diabetes. Fiber-rich foods in tomatoes help in managing insulin levels.

4. Good for skin

Tomatoes contain vitamin C needed for collagen synthesis. This helps keep the skin tight, improves elasticity and heals burns.

5. Reducing Depression

Eliminating depression and stress is one of the main benefits of tomatoes. Folate found in tomatoes helps overcome depression by preventing excessive accumulation of homocysteine ​​(amino acids in the blood plasma).

6. Improve vision

Tomatoes contain beta carotene and vitamin A which are important for maintaining vision and also support retinal function.

7. Improve the Digestive System

Tomatoes help keep the digestive system healthy by maintaining constipation and diarrhea. It also helps remove harmful toxins from the body.

8. Fight Inflammation

To avoid inflammation, you must drink a glass of tomato juice every day. It helps effectively treat inflammation and therefore arthritis and joint pain. This is one of the benefits of eating tomatoes


The answer to you question is yes, the health benefits of tomatoes include the following.. eye care, good stomach health, and a reduced blood pressure. They provide relief from diabetes, skin problems, and urinary tract infections too.

Tomatoes are made up of a large number of antioxidants that have been proven to fight different forms of cancer... I think this have answered your question a bit


Lycopersicum esculentum Mill or commonly called tomato is a plant originating from Latin America, tomatoes have a slightly sour taste and are often used to mix dishes such as soup, stews, and chili sauce. Sometimes tomatoes are eaten like vegetables.

Tomatoes contain lycopene, so they can prevent prostate cancer. Lycopene is also found in various tomato-processed products, such as pizza, tomato soup, soy sauce, juice, salads, spaghetti sauce, salsa, and tomato paste. From various tomato processed products, this is a source of lycopene which has a better bioavailability than fresh tomatoes.

Here are some of the benefits of tomatoes for health:

1. Prevent Cancer

Tomatoes are not only useful as food ingredients, but they also have health benefits. Every day consuming 10 tomatoes is rarely affected by prostate cancer, because there is lycopene in tomatoes. Not only prostate cancer, consuming tomatoes can also avoid the symptoms of uterine cancer, cancer of the stomach, colon, rectum and pancreas.

2. Prevent Heart Disease

People who have high levels of lycopene in their bodies are rarely affected by a heart attack. Because the content of salicylic acid can prevent blood clots.

3. Improve digestion

Tomatoes that are rich in fiber, water and minerals can also help the digestive process, minerals stimulate the release of saliva so that it can increase appetite. The content of malic acid and citric acid in tomatoes can prevent the formation of gallstones, tomatoes can also prevent appendicitis and the respiratory tract.

4. Increase endurance

Tomatoes can help prevent gout, vitamins A and C in tomatoes can increase endurance.


a few months ago, I didn't like tomatoes. because in my opinion tomatoes don't taste good. when my mother cooked, she very often mixed it with tomatoes. and when I eat, I always throw the tomatoes from the food. my mother was very angry, she asked me. why did you throw away this tomato? I replied because it was not tasty at all. and my mother said tomatoes are very good for health. because the nutritional content in it is very much. seeing him angry I just kept quiet.

Then on the night, I was curious about the benefits of tomatoes. which makes me curious because my mother very often mixes tomatoes with food.

I find out what the benefits of tomatoes are, and I'm surprised to see the health benefits of tomatoes. which can prevent cancer, can maintain eye health, maintain heart health, and maintain healthy skin. and many more benefits of tomatoes that I haven't mentioned. so it's very good if you consume tomatoes. I now also consume it everyday.