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Do you think man should be allowed to live with and marry more women, if he can support them, support their children and they agree to live this way?

I don't know if you know but that is something that is currently allowed in various cultures and under the legal and religious standards of different countries.

Personally it is not something that I consider correct because of the different conflicts of interests and sentimental that that would bring, but also because I personally believe that love loses a little of its essence when you live it in community and not reciprocally.

However taking into account that it is something that is already accepted, it seems to me that it should continue to be allowed, after all each person should be free to choose how they want to live every aspect of their life, no matter if they live an unusual kind of life, because after all that is the true freedom, to choose your decisions and paths no matter how badly you choose them.


You mean like Muslim men can do already?

The answer is yes, if the man is happy and the women are happy then no problem.....

but only if its OK for a woman to marry more men, if she is happy and her husbands are happy.

Is that OK with you because anything that is equal and consenting is fine by me :-)


In some religions and cultures, it is allowed already.

Personally, I do not agree with such kind of marriage. Just imagining what a woman would feel and need to deal with in such relationahip, it is not acceptable for me.

No matter how much money a man has, it will not be equal to how a good husband he can be. Also I do not think that a man would really "love" multiple woman equally, it might just because of his desires to satisfy himself.


Yes depending on one's culture and believe.

I would. Also like to suggest that if that is the case, or if this should be adapted globally, women Should also be allowed to marry more than 1 man as Long she can cater for their needs.

I am told some parts of Papua New Guinea practise that already .


Man or Woman should be able do what they want with other consenting adult Men/Women , in my humble opinion.