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Why is life so hard?

This question could literally elicit BILLIONS of different answers from different people with different perspectives, which could fill a book (or volumes) in itself.

There may be no absolute/concrete answers any of us could give, because they’re ALL likely to be tainted with cognitive biases, outputted through the filters of belief systems.

Though to share ONE most simplified which holds merit common to the most potent of teachs I’ve found in my broad search in the philosophical, spiritual, and metaphysical travels - expanded out a little:

This is commonly referred to as “Earth School.”

In it, we are tested.

To learn. To develop our character. To activate higher potentials. To evolve.

The ascension process isn’t one of all fun and games. Breakthroughs are pretty much always preceded by breakdowns. The positive charges feel great and propel us forward, while the negative charges contain the information which when extracted and integrated, brings the wisdom upgrades and refinement of direction.

As many have said, we may have all agreed to descend into these dimensions for these experiences - God fragmenting to experience ourself from every different possible perspective - a giant GAME through which we work our way back to maturation of the soul. The trials, tribulations, obstacles... they’re all part of the package and drama. It’d be boring without them. There wouldn’t be the challenge or growth were it all sugar and roses.

And then, that all said... we can often make it harder on ourselves than it needs to be through our own failures to learn and level up in our responsibilities to act with greater wisdom...


But I think we need to take everything easy in our life.In our life we always take everything sk seriously that can give us tens lot.Also many people I see always take excessive tention that's not good for our health also.Also we need to take all decision very carefully.For me.life is not hard we just everything so seriously that's why we feel our life for us makig everything so hard.We just need to take everything easily. I know life happily spent is not easy.in every people life so many difficulties but we need to also cheers some moment from these moment.We should not think life hard We need to try always try to be happy.

Thanks for your question.


I believe everything is a state of mind. What I mean is, how you perceive things is a result of how you condition it in your mind .

When you condition yourself that Life is hard, then it will always be. No matter how many blessings you received, how many achievements you reached, how successful you become, but you keep telling yourself that Life is hard, then you will really feel that it is hard. However, even how broke you are, how tired you are of life but you never gave up and keep telling yourself that Life will be better soon, then it will be better.

To make life easier, forget about the negativity. No matter how bad the situation you are in, always look for its positive side. Always remember that there will always be rainbows after the rain. Meaning, after every trial you encounter, there will always be hope.

Another thing, be contented with what you have. For me, Contentment is loving what you have. Even if you have the oldest model of a car but you are happy and contented with it, then that car is all you need. Your perception that life is hard spawns from wanting more than what you have. Even if you own all the treasures in the world but you are not contented with it, you tend to look for more. 

Then, surround yourself with positive people. If you are surrounded by positive people, their positive vibes will radiate to you.

And lastly, trust in God. If you put God in the center of your lives, you will not feel empty. Just trust in Him. Continue to do your best and He will do the rest.


1.....let me inform you that Life Will actually Never Be Perfect!... — First you really need to accept that fact...

If you are actually waiting patiently for the “right” time to actually do something e.g pursue a self-employment, or begin some fitness plans, or actually move to a new city— then you are actually going to be really waiting forever..

There is really no actual thing as the “right” time to do any particular thing,such reaction is actually based on your certain fear of change.....

Just Accept the fact that, "Life Will really Never Be Perfect" — so What this actually mean is that you will actually have to really take action and ensure you confront your fears.. ensure that you do the scary thing. And you will actually be so glad that you did.....

— If you actually cannot accept those facts then it really makes life hard......you have to Understand that in life,No One Is actually going to Fix You!!!!....

— If you are still actually waiting for some godlike soul that is in a shining aura to really gallop into your actual life and mend your broken heart, then it means you will actually be waiting forever.....

So my dear The only individual who can really help you is actually "yourself"... so yeah be actually happy and glad for those people in your life, but do not really become so dependent on them for your happiness unless preharps you love to actually be on some never-ending kind of emotional roller-coaster that is actually far beyond the actual realm of your control.....

So you tell me? -- do you think you are alone? No, that is far from it..you just have to Understand that "No One Is actually Going to really Fix You!" and since no certain person is going to fix you, then it would really be in your best interest to really begin to take personal responsibilities for your own life....When you actually do that, you will actually begin to discover that you are even more powerful than you ever imagined or ever thought was possible.....

2.....You also need to understand that Failure is actually not the end of life! — Be really prepared to actually to fail...

— If you really do attempt to actually achieve any ambition or goal, then it could be possible that you will actually fail while you are pursuing that said goal. well Welcome to the realities of life..

It is really time for you to actually change your thinking or perception about failure.... you should not be so frightened of failure,just know that Failure is actually a learning opportunity for you and nothing more...

You have to be prepared to actually fail because of the fact that"Failure is not an end!" you have to Learn from it...the failure may continue to exist but never ever give up, always try to ensure that you continuously improve yourself, when you do that then you would begin to really develop so much that the only actual option that is left will definitely be success.. please remember that "Consistent hustle always wins."...

3.....stop bothering yourself so much about the past...

you need to actually Know that your Past Is Already Written!!

— Have you really ever made some mistakes so monumental that you actually wish you could really go back in time and begin to do it all over again? well Join the club. It is actually called being human.. I know you sometimes might really feel some immense regrets, but by actually beating yourself up over something which is already done actually serves no purpose.....


Do you really think life is hard? Anyway, if that's what we are thinking I guess we are sometimes making it hard for ourselves. The best way to make life easy is by being contented with what one have. Let's stop engaging in things that doesn't suit our lives. Let make life simple by living by our means and stop engaging in materialistic pursuits of possessions.

If you ask why life is hard, I will confidently tell you that we are actually the one making life difficult for ourselves. We have some poor people who have nothing and yet they live happily and lovely despite the fact they have nothing while some rich people do get sad and frustrated thinking life is hard despite the fact of having everything.

In conclusion, check yourself and scrutinize your daily habit and activities every day. Always remember to stay happy and be contented with what you have.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps


Lack of planning and foresight are just a few of the reasons why life seem so hard to some people. I see life as a chain. Everyone in your generation that came before you, are supposed to do a little portion of the work that will make life easy for those that will come after them. When our parents failed to do what they were required to do to make life easy for themselves and their children, they would have nothing to pass to the children to build on. This implies that the children will have to start afresh to make life easy for them and doing such is not that easy

If you observe most wealthy families, you'll see that the wealth most of them are enjoying to them were passed unto them from one generation to another. A family where those that came before us had laid the right foundation always have life easy. Lack of planning, foresight, vision and dreams of those that came before us are part of the reasons why life is hard for some of us.


It believe that's a subjective question because it depends on external factors whether your life is hard or not on this moment. For most people life is hard and others will tell you that's not the case for them.

For instance when you are born into poverty life might be hard while for white privileged rich kids that might not be the instance.

Or let's say you have been bullish on cryptocurrencies, 2018 must have been a really bad year and experience while the years before where so damn great. But when you ask it to someone who has been bearish on crypto he will tell you life is really great on the moment. 

It not has all to do with money, your life can be hard because of other things like bad relationships etc. 

But remember life is always cyclical, ups and downs. Keep working hard and things will improve eventually. 


Life is actually hard Because life itself takes effort. and also Because life itself takes Discipline...

Life is actually tough because we really have to do things that actually do delay temporary pleasures...

do You actually want excellent health??you really got to actually eat good diet and ensure you exercise everyday...

do You want to really have a great relationships?? then you have to actually develop the necessary skills to make your relationship successful, You really would have to work at it....

do you actually want freedom??, then you have to definitely take actual responsibility for it....

do You really want truth??, then you actually need a life long integrity and also a great dedication to it...

do You really want to learn to be truly happy?then It actually takes a lifelong commitment to some certain things other than your own self...you need to look within you and create happiness for you,you are the best person to create happiness for yourself....

Do you want an easy life??then face the reality that life would never always be easy but you need to prepare a positive mindset to always be able to tackle the challenges of life.....

now All of the above actually do require a great mindfulness and a great discipline...it is Something which you really have to constantly work at....

The efforts you try to make would actually make life look tough... Because the truth is that wherever there are some efforts, there are actually going to be some pitfalls possibly recorded...


That's just how you look at it. Try looking at it differently, you will see it differently.

This life is full of opportunities, you can't see it since you have already condemn it to being difficult.

Life is so beautiful; try to look at it that way, and you will be shocked.

Take care.


Life is not hard. Every one faces trying times. God has a purpose and a reason for you facing the condition you are facing now. If you were to achieve everything right from birth on a platter of Gold then maybe you would not see need to be praying and fasting to God.

When we face trials and challenges, God prepares us for the bright future. For instance, if you are born into a rich family it takes the grace of God for you to understand that there is need for you to establish your own business and work for yourself too instead of relying on your parents income. Only wise people do so.

Another thing is that if you do not pass through hard times, you might not be able to manage your funds when you become successful.

People also learn and are motivated when we share stories of our trying times with them. We also have what to share with our kids as they grow so they know that life is about ups and downs. 


Generally, it is a matter of perspective. Some people are just too soft. Some people are just too negative. Sometimes life is just actually hard, yes. 

Everything is transitory—life itself is ephemeral—, so if we wait enough we will see winds of change. If you’re going through a hard time and get to endure it, you’ll probably see better days. BUT you have to be open to the possibility to be happy; some people are irrevocably unhappy because they are clinically depressed, and they should get professional help. Some others have a condition which prevents them from looking at the bright side of things, find the silver lining (the opposite is also a problem; you cannot be positive-positive all the time), e.g. bipolar disorder, Asperger, or some other. Living is about ups and downs and thriving; as you live on, you’ll meet both hard and pleasant experiences. 

We are not build the same way. Some of us just cannot cope with life, like suicidal people. But I guess if somebody is alive as to say life is hard, then they must be trying hard to get over it, to keep it together; otherwise, they’d probably be dead already. 


Most people do think that life is so hard but I will say it isn't because life is not fair to anyone.

Life is an adventure so there is a zero possibility that it's going to be easy

I will advise everyone to live life to the fullest and do their best even though the hard part of life gets to them that much they shouldn't quit but still fight because we are all in the battle of life and only the strongest will survive


@Madamewedu, In my opinion, if life would not be hard then it would be boring. Stay blessed. 🙂