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Which is more important,now or the future?

now and the future has an inseparable bond. the future is formed due to the process from today. now doing the future picking results.

there is no future if you don't start today. then both are equally important. because what we do today is for the sake of the future.

if I choose to attach importance to the future and ignore the present, that's a big mistake in my life. because my future won't be good if I don't do anything now.

So, I chose both, the present and the future are just as important, and I will choose both.

but if this question intends to progress the world, then for me now life is the best. this is because I live feeling something real, while the future is still in dreams, and dreams don't all come true.


Well the answer to this question is dependent on different people philosophies on life and time so I think I'll just tell you mine.

If you ask me, today and tomorrow have and will always be intertwined, it's the decisions that you make today that determine how your tomorrow is going to be so in a sense they're both just as important as the other.

I think that we should try and maximize today and live life as much as we can because life is short, but the life you live today should be a reflection of the life you're going to have tomorrow. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have fun and make yourself happy, but knowing that one day," the future" will be "the now" should make you think before you do certain things.

The truth about life is that time has never and will never stop moving so if you focus too much on the now then you won't know when the now will become the past and the future will become the now. Life is what you make of it and we all have a limited amount of time to be on this planet, deciding how you spend your time here is up to you.

In my opinion, striking a balance between the two things; the now and the future is the best way to live your life because at some point, they'll both be the same thing. Live today for tomorrow, but make sure that you enjoy today while you're at it because you don't know if you'll have a tomorrow.

The future isn't promised and at the same time it hasn't been taken away, all you can do is prepare for it, and have one hell of a good time while you do that, that way even if you have no future, you'll boldly say that you still enjoyed life.

Let me end it like this, the both of them are important and the both of them will become the same thing one day so treat them equally and you'll be ok.

I hope this helps.


If you ask me all 3 are equally important for example, the most obvious  one is the Present as it is the current situation you are in and it  greatly effects your future, say you do drugs at this very moment, in  the future you may find your self hooked on them and when that future  becomes your present you might decided to continue to do them causing  your addiction to further ruin your future, confusing I know but then of  course the past is also important it's important to admit that you once  had an addiction to be able to continue on with your life and make it  better, you cant hide who you are or were unless you dont care where you  are going..that saying to me at least signifies that all three are just  as important. 


I consider every one of the three has their very own significance. Yet, the most critical is the manner by which we see it.


On the off chance that you had done a few slip-ups, at that point you ought to gain from them and ensure that you ought not done likewise botches in future.


On the off chance that you had any awful involvement in past then ensure you are not stick in agreement of life. You should release it and endeavor to proceed onward.

Make a few objectives for future throughout everyday life.


Check climate you had accomplished your objective generally put some more endeavors.

Make some different objectives for your better future.