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What are the signs that a person does not have high self esteem?

You can tell what a person thinks about himself / herself by paying attention to what such person always say about themselves, how they behave when they are in the company of others and how they treat others. Nice people with good self image treat others well and hostile people with I'll self image always try to bring others down. People with low self image always try to bring others down or discredit others so as to make them feel good. They usually act and talk negatively and they dislike those that seem very better than them


According to my experience people with low self esteem do not walk upright in a self confident way. If they speak to you you might hardly hear their voice, as it lacks strength. If they shake your hand you could as well shake a wet sponge. And sometimes they cannot even look you straight into the eye when they speak to you,

Some do not begin sentences with ‚I‘ as if they would want to negate their whole being. Some seem to be overly nervous. I find it hard to be around such people to be honest, as some of them are quite negative as well, negative attitudes towards life, people, everything. If I can I avoid such sad people.


1....they actually do apologize for everything....

Don't get me wrong,apologizing to someone when you offend them is a good thing but when a person apologises for everything even when they are not at fault or when it does not warrant apologies...then that could be a possible sign that the person has low self esteem...

2...They tend to get angry quickly to cover up their self esteem issues.....

3...They tend to feel comfortable living a mediocre life....

4...They cannot actually defend themselves (both physically and also verbally).....

5....They would never ever attempt to take risks...

6...They tend to always get intimidated quickly....

7..even when they are actually in love , they cannot really do anything to actually build a certain relationship with that special person whom they love.....

8...They keep sticking to the past and never optimistic about the future..


9...They might actually believe in others but they absolutely do not truly believe in themselves....

10...They keep living in a constant fear.

11..they are more comfortable with loneliness....


1. They Idolize others they consider perfect

2. They value others' opinion more than their own.

3. They try so hard to be accepted by others even if it means doing things they would not normally do.

4. Always isolated from others and alone

5. Always feel they are not good enough


The primary thing I notice if a person does not have high self - esteem is when they pay attention to what other people think of them rather than what they really are. They tend to do what other people believe are the best when deep inside you know that you can do something better than that. People with low self-esteem tends to stick to mediocrity because they are afraid of what others will say or feel.