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How Do You Think About Harvard Economists Say Bitcoin Is No More Than A Lottery Ticket Kenneth Rogoff, ?
a professor at Harvard University and former Chief Economist of the IMF, recently stated that he believes that other Bitcoin and crypto are basically & "lottery tickets & quot; at the present time. He questioned the intrinsic value of Bitcoin and believed that it was incompatible with the digital gold moniker because unlike gold, Bitcoin does not have applications outside of monetary settings while simultaneously requiring large amounts of energy to function. In the end, he felt that the government's actions would determine whether the cryptos would achieve greater adoption. (JF)

Sounds to me like he is nothing more than a muppet. Repeating what others have told him or he has seen. It looks like is what he goes by. If you asked him last year when the price was rising he would have said, Its a sure thing the price keeps going up. 

Last year saw a Large investment from the financial sector, This then got cashed out, The fall in price after is by design. The price is about the same now as it was before the market got flooded with capital for pension and hedge funds. Then cashed out once the price got high enough. This capital got used to secure the foundation for banking institutes to set up with a strong foot hold a digital currency. 

The attempt here is to gain control over the Crypto markets so that it can come under the control of the already in place banking systems.

Have a look at this clip.