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Why do many talented people stay unsuccessful despite their talents?

There are many talented people who remain unsuccessful because talent does not guarantee success in life. The same is true with genius and intelligence. These are simply things that can give us a head start. We still need to work hard to hone our talents, remain motivated to stay on track, and have a plan, among other things. 

The truth is, no one has the formula to success. And talent is still only one part of an unsolved puzzle. 


Not all want or are committed to success. Others simply don't persist in putting in the sweat equity required to make something of that talent. And perhaps "success" in those regards just isn't in their cards for their lifetime.


Lack of Goal and motivation!

Talent is useless if not put into good use and only relies on nothing else to succeed. One could have a talent in singing but never ever sings in public just because he/she deems it unneccesary.

If one likes to succeed with their talent, one must go out and show the world what they can do. They must have a clear goal in place and the motivation to pursue that goal. Going back to the singing part, one could join talent audition contests and the likes to showcase their talent. Plus with the invention of technology and social media, one could just record it and put it up on Youtube.


To be successful in anything, you need talent and effort. If you have talent, but you do not put it in work, don't blame others and say you are talented, but you couldn't get there.

Patience and effort are very important to do something better in the future. If you don't put your 100% effort on your work, you should not expect that you would be successful somehow someday. You have to work, work and work. Put your talent in your work. You have to work hard and work smart.

Due to lack of effort and patience, many talented people stay unsuccessful despite their talents.