What is the best time to invest in any cryptocurrency ?
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There are no general rules & special times when to buy Cryptocurrency. It's usually not a good idea to buy at the top of the bubble, and usually, it's not a good idea to buy it when it drops. Never catch a falling knife, like the wisdom of traders. The best time is probably when prices are stabilizing at a relatively low level. It might be good for paralocho to also learn about the techniques available in conventional forex markets such as fibonaci, bookchart, relative strength index and so on to help paralocho in calculating the right time to buy Cryptocurrency.

The art of trading is about how to decide when a currency is in bubble mode and when it reaches its lowest point after falling. What is easily said retrospectively is a question that is difficult to answer and apply for now, there will never be absolute or absolute answers. In fact, what often happens is that there is a coin whose value rises sharply and at this time usually everyone thinks it is the peak of the bubble, but even then at that time the actual rally will only begin.

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