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How is it possible that there are still submissive women?

I think it's all about education and culture. There are still countries where women are not only owned by men, they can even be sold and bought, and they are even considered inferior to men. If these customs are maintained at this time, of course there will continue to be women who are dominated and who submit to the will of their husbands and the family. What is interesting is that as a result of some social movements that have been unleashed in recent years, women have seen the opportunity to express themselves, to untie the chains that imprisoned them, to raise their voices and make themselves heard.

If the world is mostly made up of women and if we are the ones who raise and educate our children, it is inconceivable that we still feel like a minority and below men. Education plays a fundamental role in changing those social patterns and especially the mental patterns that do us so much harm. To stop being submissive is not to disrespect the other; it is to begin to respect oneself. 


It's very possible, and I'm still loyal and obedient to my husband. Comply with the understanding of respect and respect for it as my husband does not mean fear of receiving bad treatment.


In my opinion as a Muslim woman, mutual behavior Honoring in a relationship is very important, and in my country all women are respected and protected, they are very friendly to women.

then there is no reason for a woman to disobey and endure with selfishness in her.

Good answer, and have a nice day


Let's see, I think you're not focusing well on your question or "social complaint".

Submission is not something that should be eradicated, then, if my desire is to be submissive, why should you stop me? What right do you think you have?

I suppose, that your idea of ​​"submission" is that of a person who does not denounce or fight against some type of abuse against his person, right?

If so, the reasons why there are such people are too complex to expose them in their entirety.

The experiences that one lives, the education that receives and certain biological aspects, are those that determine the personality of a person, for that reason, it is not enough to say, "Why do you leave? "," Why do not you report it? "... etc, it is much more complex.