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Are Steem folks fake nice?
I think I came across a post discussing if Steem folks are fake nice the other day. What do you think? Do you pretend being nice on Steem, hoping to get more updates, not really that you like the posts?

I think niceness of a person usually cannot be fake niceness just like a person who tries to fake being wealthy. They may be able to do it in the short run but after a while eventually someone finda out the real truth.

I guess if you look at the patterns of the way a person writes, you can be able to find out the real personality of the person who is writing it. Usually, I guess everyone here in some would behave more appropriately as musing or Steem platform is a more knowledge based platform. The self policing and flagging of spams and improper comments or post is a good way to make sure too everyone behaves.

It's just like being in a country where the surveillance system is extremely well designed, I don't think there is really a need of alot of policing. That's what would happen I guess in the future for our society. I can see it as a model here in the blockchain system.


No way! If anything, people on Steem are probably as real as can be, since Steemit interacts with money and many people show their true colors when money is involved. Websites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. show people that are often nice (unless there's some outside drama involved) since they aren't losing something for being nice, and it portrays them in a much better image. Steemit, on the other hand, includes investing a lot of money and potentially making a lot of money, so you see people be a lot more at each other's throats then other platforms. That being said, even with massive amounts of money involved, the Steemit community is still one of the friendliest communities around, with many, many trusting people! You can start a bot with minimal investment, and a month later be hugely succeeding because of how trusting the community was when investing in it and spreading something new just for the sake of helping it grow. It's truly incredible what should be one of the most toxic communities ended up becoming one of the friendliest. 


I believe quite a few are truly nice but a large part of steemit as a whole is to get upvotes form people. The way that happens is by being nice to them so yes there is much "fake nice" on steemit. You have to look at it as honey attracts more bees than bug spray does. You can not just be in a bad mood all the time or noone will upvote you.


There are really nice people even though there are a few who'd fake friendship.

I joined steemit almost a year ago. Before I registered, I got into a group where Steemians from my country were converging to discuss about the way forward, that is, how to grow the Steemit community in my country.

I got to meet quite a lot of nice people and we bonded very easily. They were not selfish with information and they revealed tips that could help the newbies grow very fast.

In that group, we were free to talk to those who had gone far, by way of reputation. The group still exists today. As a matter of fact, there almost a dozen of them. Even now that steem isn't quite profitable, they are still together and looking out for one another.

Just recently, last week. One of us died (my eyes still get watery when I remember). His username was @onos. He was laid to rest on Sunday.

You needed to see the way everyone rallied around. Contributions were made to assist the family and even this week, more money would be given in condolence to the family.

Some people were even chosen as delegates to represent the Nigerian community. I think the delegation was led by @nairadaddy.

So, my dear, there are real people on Steemit. People are even meeting their life partners here.

I remember how @surpassinggoogle would put it.

You come for the reward, you stay for the Community.

That's my take!


Yes there are enough users fake nice and it's all due to upvotes and Steem tokens that can be earned through comments. If it wasn't any reward for commenting or posting I assume there woudn't be that much nice persons around here. 


Yes, a lot of Steem folks are fake nice. They pretend they like you or your posts when in actual reality, they only care about your upvote.  They probably do not even like what you blog about. I have seen Steem folks who fake being nice just to get an upvote. A lot of them come to my DM to say how much they really do not like the person or the post.