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What harsh realities of life do you know?
The existence you're living right currently is a fantasy for some individuals.

There are bunches of individuals in our nation who endeavor hard to satisfy their essential needs. Unpleasant things happen to individuals, things outside anybody's ability to control. Not every person has the assets to deal with their lives. Not every person has family and companions who think about them. So whenever you lodging about not being seeing someone getting late for work, recall that you are luckier than a few people.

2. The higher the quantity of your companions, the higher is the heap of poop you need to manage.

Inevitably, you understand that the less companions you have, the better it is for you. It's difficult to please everybody, and all the more essentially, desires can blowback. It's smarter to stay away from everybody, than lose your cool later.

3. We don't consider things to be they are. We consider things to be way 'we' are.

4. We are dependably in a rush however barely ever on time.

We generally need to get some place, and we need to achieve quick. In any case, the reality of the situation is that it's impractical to multitask constantly. There will be days when it will be difficult to do everything. So take it moderate and unwind!
There are many harsh realities that i have
Realized in this life and some of them could
Be heart-breaking but that is just the reality

Some of the realities is that
“Death is inevitable to all humans”
Yeah you heard me right,we will all die someday

Another reality that i personally realize
Is that we cannot always be happy all the time,

Yeah i know we have some people that we
See around us and we believe they are always
Happy but the truth is yes they can be happy MOST of the time but there are days that they will not just be in a happy mood which you might not know unless they tell you
Everyone will leave you one day. Either they will die or they will simply go away from your life.
We all have some negative qualities bundled within us. The intensity of these negativities can turn you as a terrorist or a monk .
You can not predict your future based on your present or past. The future can be unexpectedly tough or expectedly smooth.
It’s easy to provide solutions to others when they are facing some problems. But it’s harder when the turmoils change their path and now the same turmoils are upon you.
There is nothing like dream future. A financially stable future makes your dreams real. In real world, money buys everything.( Remember how many dreams you changed in thus year)
Nothing lasts forever. It doesn’t last. Your problems, people around you, your job, or new relationships. Everything will come to an end someday. Even stuffs that you thought might last for a lifetime will crumble and fall.
Nobody cares about you. Well, maybe 5% of people do (friends and family) but the rest of 95% don’t. Telling your problems to them is simple useless, not because they are glad you have them but because they simple don’t give a damn about your problems. They have their own shit to handle
People come, people go. You might die alone, while sipping a cup of tea ona chair someday.
Exception to 3–4 friends, the rest of 90% people in your contact list and Facebook,Instagram,Watsapp friend list are pretty much useless. They wouldn’t even attend your funeral.
If it’s not for Facebook Birthday reminder, 98% of people in your life will never know when your actual birth date is; except your parents and bestie. (Test this if you want)
Your fake friends and relatives will not want you to have a better life or do better than them. Most people, including your friends, don't want you to be successful. It's easy to be around someone when they're fun but when things get serious, a lot of people will bail out. Anyone who doesn't bail when things aren't 'fun' are the people worth keeping beyond a polite social acquaintance.
Money has the potential to gain respect, friends, social status and fame. Oh, and looks matter too!!!!
Giving life advices are easy, helping someone out of the situation or following any of those advices are hard. Sometimes it takes more than an advice to rescue someone from their bad situation.
You cannot achieve everything you want. There are going to be times when you've tried your absolute best at something, done everything in your power to try and make it work, but it still doesn't end up the way you want it to. This isn't a reflection of your failure as a person, sometimes this is just life.
You are entitled to your opinion. Others are entitled to their own opinions. It doesn’t matter if they disagree with what you believe. Do not bother arguing with people over their opinions.
The world is only interested in what it can get from you. Benefits they can reap out from you in some way or another. The world seeks you when they need a favour, advices or someone to listen to their rant. This world is a selfish place to be.
Happiness is overrated. Happiness is a state of mind, not an emotion. You can have happiness and still hurt. People misunderstand that smile and laughing is happiness. If something brings you a feeling of happiness, but does not contribute to a way of living to encourage more of that feeling, you haven't found happiness.
Life is unfair. If you’re good at something there will always be someone better than you. There is no such thing as deserving.
Whitening creams sell like hot cakes; wisdom books are gathering dust. Whitening creams are for the face and wisdom books are for the heart and mind. Hence, it is not difficult to know why most of us are soulless beings.
Hate is the easy game, love is the difficult adventure. It is easy to hate the people who are different from you but difficult to be kind to them. It is even more difficult to love one’s enemies.
life slaps you hardly very hardly sometimes and also put in situation where the outcome is not possible,
Not everyone will really love you for who you are,many people will love you because of what

they know they will gain from you,in life you can never please everyone no matter how very hard

you try,you cannot drive two cars at the same time all by yourself so it means you should live a

simple life,in life it is very difficult to predict the exact time when you will die so that is why you

have to live your life to the fullest while you can,life itself is full of ups and downs and you have to

welcome the good times and also encourage yourself in the bad times