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What are your thoughts on “age is just a number?

The saying "Age is just a number" varies on different factors for me. It is based upon what is the topic that needs to be discussed.

When we speak about it by love, indeed age is just a number for the people falling in love. We do not fall on the looks, age, or physical attributes of a person. We fall for their character, how they see things in life, and of course maturity. Often times older people think maturely and there are people who love it. That just simply means they're focused in growing in life and that's a good person to spend your life with.

Speaking about energy, age is very relevant. When we are young, we have 100% energy, 100% time, but almost 0% money. When we're on our 20s, our Money increases. But as soon as the age increases, our energy becomes less and less. Therefore, age is relevant when we speak about life energy. You can no longer do the things that you used to do.


Age is not relevant to maturity. There are people who are very matured even at a very young age. Its all about how are mind is ready to interpret those things in a manner that is aligned to what is right in life. There are people who become matured at their 50s so basically age does not define someone's maturity.


I agree with that statement and I'm going to explain why.

You have to make a difference between your actual age and your body age.

Your phisical age is what it is, you can't change it, so for me it's just a number.

Your body age is different and that's the most important thing. Your body are can be less than your real age or way more, depending on how much do you care about your health.

Of course there are diseases that can't be avoided and theated, these can cause a lot of damage to your body and make your body older than it actually is.

However, my eating healthy, exercising regularly and living a balanced and healthy life, you can make your body age less than your actual age.

And if you're fortunate to have good genes, you can look more younger as well.


That statement, as far as I understand it, expresses the opinion that age is mainly a state of mind than an objective fact. To some degree, it is true. It is possible give up on things prematurely. Aging, though, involves biological processes that may or may not be slowed down with the right habits. Eventually, we will all succumb to the ravages of old age unless we die first. There are also social aspects to aging that one may be powerless to change. Age is a number but to what degree it is "just" a number is not entirely, not even close, up to us but biology and the community in which we live.

I will both agree and disagree to this thought. It is dependent on the context of this statement. I have also seen people restricting their happiness and area of interests stating age as a reason. Though in a way it is a contributing factor, it need not necessarily be the case all the time. I would like to answer this question in two different aspects:


I agree age is just a number because the actual age of a person is based on their thoughts. If they are energetic and enthusiastic with full of positive energy and self confidence, then age is definitely just a number. I know an Ayurveda expert from India. He was very strong and healthy even in the age of 94. He was mentally strong and and enthusiastic. He was the who said me that age is just a number. It is just that there will be some restrictions to out body but our mind doesn't have any age at all. The desire and happiness that our mind experiences is quite common in all the age. So age is purely a body thing and not a mind thing.


There are certain things that mind is capable of doing and body is capable of doing. Age becomes a hindering factor for things that will need body's help to achieving. I strongly believe that every breath we intake is gradually taking us towards the graveyard. There is no doubt about it. If we are going to consider the capabilities of the human body then age definitely matters and it cannot be considered as just a number.

Age is a indication of time. How long you are here in this universe, age defines that. When you become very old, your physical condition will not be the same like at your 20s.

Life is short, but it is not so short that we usually think. Life is long. When you are 22, you think age 40 means finished. When you are 40 years old, you realize that how young you feel inside. It feels the same. 

Because of advancement of medical science, eating healthy and doing exercise, people stay healthy and fit. Their physical condition is pretty good. You cannot imagine how active a 45 years old man or woman.

It is the feeling that matters. If you are young, but you think and act like an old guy, you are not young. What you feel inside, that is the most important thing. It feels the same when you are 45. So, I think age is just a number. Your feelings, thought and action define everything.

If we say AGE is a number then there are chances of not looking our forward life if we are not young now we feel to be young we pretend to be young and if we say AGE is not a number then there are chances of we are not no more young and we are retired so i really mean age is just a number because there are no reasons for the age to do our work there are many people who did their best at the age of 50+ also and they are now well know as the famous persons from India Gandhiji age was more than 60+then also they were working and doing great job for society.
Well age is just a number because you can attain any success that you want irrespective of your age and also age does not determine maturity in life,some people are older than you but you could still be far far more intelligent than them so it is not really about the age but it is what an individual has to offer in life
I believe that statement to be true in most cases. It gets a little creepy if one person is say 23 and the other is like 17 and is a minor. Also, if one person is 60 and the other is 25. But overall, I do believe age is just a number. Try and keep it within a decade of each other though.
I want to give you a picture of love .. Love, a feeling that will make you feel happy, comfortable, afraid, anxious and nervous at the same time. But do you know, true love will make anyone feel happy and away from the word disappointed. As we get older, true love will become stronger and sincere. This true love will also make a pair of lovers feel very fortunate because they have each other, So age is nothing that can change that