What is the difference between SteemAuto and SteemVoter, can you share your experience??
Please write your experience or your opinion about these auto voting systems. Thank you!

There's way big difference between Steemauto and Steemvoter for me and the community is enjoying what Steemauto is giving now to the community. Allow me to share their big difference : 

1. Steemauto is Free | Steemvoter is paid.

Steemvoter is a paid subscription. You need to pay your subscription for 3 SBD a month. They have published a promo before when you subscribe 6-12 months, you only need to pay 1 sbd/month. The reality is that it is still a paid subscription.

On the other hand, Steemauto offers free, decentralized, and open-source website that helps a lot of Steemians automate their actions in Steemit.

2. Steemauto doesn't store your keys | Steemvoter does

Steemauto uses Steemconnect (a trusted third party company) to login your account and be able to use their service.

While Steemvoter stores your key. You need to input your private posting key into the site and wait for the admins/developers to embed your posting key and automate your actions. There has been issues with Steemvoter because they used all of the posting keys to upvote their publication (post) which made the people lose trust with them.

3. Steemauto provides a lot of features | Steemvoter is limited.

In Steemauto, you can do a lot of automated features. To enumerate them they are : 

- Autovoting (Fan Base)

- Auto upvote comments

- Auto-claim rewards (every 2 hours)

- Post schedule

- Create/Follow Curation Trail

Whereas in Steemvoter, there is only limited thing you can do : Autovoting users. Plus, its bigger disadvantage is that you only have maximum allowed of users to autovote.

In Steemauto, you can adjust what voting power your voting will stop and I love the way how it was created. It was created mainly for the benefit of the community.


Both platforms have same function. so I see no real big difference between both. They are both automatic upvoting platforms for Steemit. For instance, you have a favourite Steemian whose work you're interested in, you can easily place them for automatic upvote from you using either steemvoter or steemauto. There are just slight differences, although perform same function. Some of the differences are: 

Login system: For Steemvoter, you have to create a new account with them using your email, creating a password and all of that procedure, but for SteemAuto, you just simply login with Steemconnect once you have a Steemit account.

Limit: SteemVoter has a limit on the number of Steemians you can place on your automatic upvote list. On the other hand, SteemAuto is limitless. There was a time I got a decent amount of DSP and decided to place a couple of persons for the period of time it would last, with SteemAuto, I was able to add up to 50 Steemians and could still add more with time as there were no limits to the number of persons you can add via SteemAuto.

Fee: SteemVoter charges a little fee in form of Steem/SBD monthly for their premium account whereas, SteemAuto's services are free.

Those are the little differences I can point to, otherwise, they both offer similar services.

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Personally for me there is little-to-no difference between SteemAuto and SteemVoter with regards to automation of one's votes. One notable difference between the two though is the limit on how many people/account you can follow

I am using SteemAuto and have put a decent amount of decent content creators on my auto-upvote list and as far as I know SteemAuto do not have any limit on this. SteemVoter on the other hand has a limit of only 10 accounts/community or guilds (as what they call it) 

One could however avail their premium service worth 3SBD/month (not sure on this but this was the price months ago) to get more 'rules' in order to follow more people/community/guilds. And Yep! that is 3SBD per month! Free users however are stuck to only 10 rules.

I'm not gonna comment on which service is better though. But I have been using SteemAuto for months now and I have no issue towards their service (mostly because it's free). They might also suffer from the occasional downtime (not working/not upvoting/maintennance) once in a while but the longest I experienced a downtime was only 24hours. The next day everything is back to normal. XD

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