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What is the most profitable type of investment?

Many people would say gold but gold does not move easily although it is indeed a very safe and stable one. 

There are mutual funds but it is always a risky play and then there are shares. 

Purchasing land in suburban areas and reselling is a good investment especially if the area is marked for development. 

Investing in crypto is too risky at this juncture because various governments all over the world are opposing crypto and blockchain. If and when the clouds clear, crypto is one of the best investments as it herald a new revolution, I am sure. 

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If you have them available to you Certificates of Deposit are probably some of the most profitable type of an investment.

You may find something that gives you a greater return for your money, but CD's are much more stable and there is not as much chance that you will loose everything.  

What I am saying is that from a strictly risk/return point of view I think that you are going to be most profitable with CD's.  Savings accounts usually have a pretty low interest rate.  CD's have a fixed interest rate that is much more attractive than standard savings accounts.  

If you are looking for something with a little more risk, but still pretty stable, I would recommend a good mutual fund.  American Funds Growth Fund of America returns me between 9 and 11 percent per year and it is relatively stable.  I haven't had any huge losses to this date.  Actually, that isn't true.  In 2008 it took a pretty big hit, but like a lot of the other areas of the market, it quickly recovered.

If you live in an area where you can setup a Roth IRA get one setup and do some investing in good mutual funds.


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There is no one definite answer to this. Each of us have our own talents and skills so it means, we can be successful in one field and not in the other. The better question to ask is, what kind of investment suits your skills and preferences? If you are able to determine that and if you know what you really want to achieve in life then that will be the most profitable investment for you. :)


Investing on the forex market is a very profitable investment but the only issue about that is the investment on the forex market is risky and an investor can loose the investments if there is no proper risk management in place...