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I just heard of another platform called DLIKE & ACTIFIT, what are these platform all about, please?

@dlike is a place for sharing your favourite content with the community and which has an excellent system of tokens in place for you to collect ready for the launch of SMTs next year as does @actifit which uses your mobile device to help, you achieve fitness goals and posts your progress to your main feed!

Both have generous delegations and give good upvotes as well as their own tokens to people who sincerely work hard and make a contribution to their platforms.

Both also have excellent mobile Apps.

DApps are the future of Steem my friend, here are the links :-)




Well, I can't speak for dlike. But actifit, I can speak of. Actifit is a decentralized application categorized under smart media token. That aims to reward fitness. By using their app, you get two rewards.
1. Is an upvote on steem for posting about how your daily activities went.
2. Actifit reward you with AFIT token based on the number of activities you perform.
I am a benefactor from the @actifit initiative. News has its the token is hitting exchange next year.
I would advise everyone to perform activities using actifit as it promises to be lit.


Well they are dapps on Steem Blockchain , who are doing their activities and users who are using those dapps they are getting benefited in few ways.

  • Dlike

It is kind of Steem Blockchain Pinterest version for us. With some nice features for us all and the implement of it as well quite great. They have their own token which we know as Dlike tokens (Smart Media Tokens) which will be accessible to us once SMt's gets released next year 

Currently they are Airdropping tokens for users who are using their site. Like comment and upvote posts on Dlike and get rewarded with Dlike tokens.

  • Actifit

It keeps track of your daily fitness . They also have SMT tokens named Actifit Tokens. For using their app in your mobile device  if you do a certain amount of  work for that day (fitness work mainly walking/running and many more activities) you will get upvoted by them and rewarded with Actifit tokens.

Well both the Dapps are rewarding users with their tokens who are delegating SteemPower to them.

They have their own discord servers as well, if you require more information than please join here.

Dlike: https://discord.gg/KJWB5NQ

Actifit: https://discord.gg/TMkXWV4


I don't know much about DLIKE but I am a moderator in Team  Actifit. And yeah Actifit is unlocking the potential of steem. Rewarding activities, we are making people fit and rewarding them to be fit. Its more than an app, its a social awareness and till now we have seen 1000s of people doing activities. We receive 400+ posts every day. All you have to do is download actifit from app store and open it and start walking or doing any activity, it will record your activity in steps and you have to simply post it. Posting option is available in the app only. We have a model for rewarding activities. Just go to www.actifit.io or steemit.com/@actifit and you will also connect with us in discord! Give it a try and you will love it. 

- Moderator, Team Actifit 


I don't know much about dlike but actifit is one of the first SMTs buit on the Steem blockchain. The app is available both on IOS and android and tracks your fitness activity throughout the day and rewards it with Actifit tokens (AFIT). 

You also receive rewards in STEEM if you post your activity on Steemit through their app by getting upvotes from @actifit. 

Another way to earn AFIT tokens is by delegating some of your Steem Power to them. The nice thing about earning AFIT tokens is that once SMTs are officially launched next year every AFIT token can be converted directly for STEEM. In my opinion this is a great way of increasing your Steem Power in the future. 


First of all, there is a confusion,

These are not platforms.

These are dapps that are built on steem blockchain.

Some other dapps are Dtube, Esteem, Busy.org, @steemhunt. @musing.io

These are the part of steemit.

These applications or dapps also rewards you for posting through their app as we are getting reward by musing and steemhunt.

I hope all these dapps will be beneficial for you.