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What do you think we can do to eradicate corruption in our society today?

I think the first step is to educate ourselves and our friends on who is being corrupt. Those who are corrupted usually never is able to escape if it leaks out to public about the corruption cases. Just like what has happened in a many countries and especially in my country with the 1mdb scandal going on. The once untouchable prime Minister has gone down really hard because of corruption.

It's because of one British lady who dares defy the government and made the change for this country. Everyone felt cheated by the government as life was difficult due to price hikes and so on. Imagine looking at Facebook and seeing news about the luxurious life the prime ministers wife is having while the normal citizens having low income. Facebook is a powerful tool. It can spread news face.

We have to make sure we vote at the polls. It's is really important as it makes a different. This year after sixty one years of the ruling government it changed as everyone even from abroad came back home to make their vote count as if these votes are blank, the government in the past actually changed some of the votes.


There is no silver projectile for battling defilement. Numerous nations have gained critical ground in controling debasement, be that as it may, specialists are dependably watchful for arrangements and proof of effect. Here are five different ways that residents and governments can gain ground in the battle against defilement: 


Successful law authorization is basic to guarantee the degenerate are rebuffed and break the cycle of exemption, or opportunity from discipline or misfortune. 

Fruitful authorization approaches are bolstered by a solid legitimate structure, law requirement branches and an autonomous and successful court framework. Common society can bolster the procedure with activities, for example, Transparency International's Unmask the Corrupt battle. 


Changes focussing on enhancing money related administration and fortifying the job of inspecting offices have in numerous nations accomplished more noteworthy effect than open segment changes on controling debasement. 

One such change is the divulgence of spending data, which counteracts waste and misappropriation of assets. For instance, Transparency International Sri Lanka advances straightforward and participatory planning via preparing nearby networks to remark on the proposed spending plans of their neighborhood government. 


Nations effective at controling debasement have a long convention of government receptiveness, opportunity of the press, straightforwardness and access to data. Access to data expands the responsiveness of government bodies, while at the same time positively affecting the levels of open support in a nation. 

Straightforwardness International Maldives effectively supported for the selection of one of the world's most grounded rights to data law by putting weight on neighborhood MPs by means of a crusade of SMS instant messages. 

4. Engage CITIZENS 

Reinforcing natives interest for hostile to debasement and engaging them to consider government responsible is a supportable methodology that assembles common trust among residents and government. For instance, network checking activities have sometimes added to the location of defilement, decreased spillages of assets, and enhanced the amount and nature of open administrations. 

To screen neighborhood races, Transparency International Slovenia created an intuitive guide that the general population populated with pictures and reports of potential inconsistencies in the race. Accordingly, instances of open assets being abused to help certain competitors were spotted. 


Without access to the worldwide budgetary framework, degenerate open authorities all through the world would not have the capacity to wash and conceal the returns of plundered state resources. Major budgetary focuses critically need to set up approaches to stop their banks and coordinating seaward monetary focuses from retaining illegal streams of cash. 

The European Union as of late endorsed the fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive, which requires EU part states to make registers of the gainful proprietors of organizations built up inside their outskirts. Be that as it may, the mandate does not require these registers to be made open. So also, the Norwegian, UK and Ukrainian governments have all affirmed enactment expecting organizations to unveil data about their proprietors, in spite of the fact that these presently can't seem to come into power.