Do you believe that 'Steemit' is one of the best platforms ever?

To be honest if this question was asked few months back than my answer would have been "YES" obviously. 

While after passing more and more time in here I have seen the improvement of Steem Blockchain and already users are taking the sides of the dapps that are being build in the Steem Blockchain and those dapps are really doing great in both supporting the content creators as well.

Like Video content creators  Dtube is there and Dtube is really growing everyday as we speak. 

Steemhunt for product Hunters and it has created its base already. The hunters are really excited about the release of SMT's as well.

And Musing one for the best place for users who wants to share there ideas and even get rewarded as well.

Apart from that Steemit will act as a front end of Steem Blockchain and will be there to introduce users who usually prefers blogging. 

While I do really believe that Steem Blockchain is the best Blockchain so far.


I believe Steemit was a great start to the proof of stake network that we enjoy using with various dApp fronend environments. I feel Steemit deserves credit for revolutionizing an amazing concept, and implementing it. 

I don't believe Steemit is the future of the blockchain however, and my reason for feeling this way, is because Steem Inc does not seem to be evolving in a productive way, as a means to compete with dApps.  

If it wasn't for dapps, it's likely I would have left the Steem blockchain by now. I could sit here and list a myriad of problems I see with Steemit, but that is not what you asked. I simply believe Steemit is archaic in it's nature now. 


I can only speak for myself but for me it is, definitely!!!


Steemit is the best platform! That's not even a question!!!


Steemit is hardly in the top 10 best platforms ever. It have potential, but as it is, there's nothing special about it, expect for the money aspect.

It's basically a glorified message board. 


yeah i am believe that Steemit is  one of the best platforms in the world.