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What do I need to know before being a great photographer?

1. do not simply take photos, however 'make photos' and set up what pictures you would like to require. in spite of wherever you go, you may be terribly proud once taking smart photos. - archangel Doven

2. Odd numbers area unit a lot of fascinating than even numbers. Suppose taking photos of 3 trees in a very landscape instead of four or 2 trees would be a lot of fascinating. - Wendy Connett

3. admit what's behind the exposure object. Background is additionally as vital as what's the most focus of your exposure. - Larry Louie

4. Build relationships with the topic of the exposure through language. Use gestures if you do not speak their language. Building relationships with subjects will turn out nice pictures. - Chase Guttman

5. In fashionable tourer attractions, leave early within the morning once several native folks area unit out, however before tourists arrive. - Mitchell Kanashkevich

6. apply situational sensitivity to anticipate sharp things that happen. as an example once shooting a ski and snow space, take an image before the snow storm comes. - brandy Muench

7. Be patient. set up an image, aim at it, then take an image once it fits the specified image. - Nadia Shira

8. recognize your camera. A reliable travel creative person is associate degree creative person WHO is aware of the way to create a stunning scenery and a 'geek' WHO understands everything concerning the camera he uses. - Tom Robinson

9. Photos save recollections. Likewise the creative person WHO tells the story through the results of his shot. nice photos area unit after we love them thanks to their aesthetics and which means in them. - Jesse Kalisher

10. once taking moving subjects, follow your body and camera greetings once taking photos. you create the image freeze once the thing moves, however the background can seem to be running, therefore you'll be able to capture the 'movement' and speed of the thing. - Peter Guttman


Photography can be an extremely aggressive profession field. Openings for work with daily papers and magazines are profoundly looked for after, and outsourcing vocations can be hard to build up. All things considered, numerous picture takers turn out to be to a great degree fruitful in the field, with the best picture takers sharing an arrangement of ten best characteristics that separate them.

Here are top 5 point which should be in mind of a good photographer.

1. An Eye for Detail.

A good photographer always pay intention on detail and capture a photo which is directly related to topic.

2. Creativity.

Crativity is most important skill consideres in giod photography. A enhanced skilled grapher make different craetive shoots in his photography

3. Hand-Eye Coordination.

A good qualitu photographer always concentrate on hand-eye coordination to manipulate the equipment involved in capturing the great and top photography.

4. Business Aptitude.

This is main stream line of a photographer. A good quality photographer pays there intention on his realted business aptitude.

5. Technical Skills

A great photographer has full filled with excellent technical skills. And he can easily handle the equipments that used in photography. Such a lighting, degital cameras.l, and many other attachments like lenses of dolly trolly etc....


Look at things differently.  Telling a story and showing a unique perspective will engage the viewer.  All art has a purpose deeper than beauty for beauty's sake (though beauty is wonderful), and that is to communicate on a level deeper than is possible in other ways.  The content you are communicating is therefore extremely important.  

Artists serve an important role in society of holding of a mirror for the world.  Allowing us to see ourselves from another perspective and reevaluate our morals, priorities and actions.  Technical knowledge of the tools is a necessary first step, but the content is key.

This is what distinguishes great artists from great artisans in my opinion, and both are needed in this world, and one can be both in different circumstances.