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Why don't people comment more on steemit?
I noticed that many posts will have upwards of 100 votes with zero comments. Aren't comments extremely lucrative?

Lucrative in what way exactly? If it's about money then Steem is a waste of your time. Unless you live in a third world country, a few cents here and there in upvotes are not going to make much difference to your financial situation.

The reason those posts get lots of upvotes and not much comments is because it's not real. It's called upvote bots, look it up on google if you want to know the details. The upvotes are paid by "the article writer" (or shitposter) itself.

It surprises me how much people don't know this is actually a thing. And naively wish/believe their content will be discovered some day without paying their way to the trending page. Not gonna happen. 

But you can also ask yourself, how is a cirkel jerking, communist system like this supposed to work in the first place? How do you think that upvotes are financed? The community ends up paying the bill by inflation. 

When Steem was created they thought people wouldn't abuse a system like that. It doesn't work out that way. Everything that can be abused will be abused, especially if it's as easy like sending some payments to bots. 

So the system is broken. Instead of solving it "abuse fighters" are flagging small users to death for "abuse" while leaving whale "abusers" alone. 

How corrupt can you be? Then people wonder, why is Steem declining? Why do you think? This place has been corrupt since it's started it's existence with the ninja mine. The only reason people stay around is lack of a good alternative.  

But institutional investors don't like fraud. "He who can't be named" and other whales don't seem to understand that.


The following are reasons people don't comment anylonger on Steemit;

1. Low or lack of reward system

2. Massive rape of the reward pool

3. Lack of feedback on comments

4. Unnecessary flagging

5. No return post engagements

6. Low risk-benefit ratio

Low OR lack of reward system: The low reward system experienced by steem generally is as a result of the prolonged bear market and fluctuations in market capital value. There was a time people used to earn sufficiently on Steemit from just making comments. Comments got meaningful upvotes, sometimes almost equivalent to that of the said posts or some other posts. But now, most blog owners don't even care to read comments on their posts talkless of rewarding them. I wish there was a natural system or program on Steemit that naturally reward meaningful comments across comments.

Massive rape of reward pool: When people use bidbots to promote their posts to trending page and consistently make their target gain here daily by paying for the upvotes, it becomes easier at this point to not give a fuck about comments. Why?

Because the person is recking in dollars from weekly upvotes, your comments don't mean anything, so they keep raping the reward pool till it cums.

Lack of feedback on comments: The steem blockchain is supposed to be a social media, based on the cryptocurrency but we rarely see the social media aspect here. The social flow is almost dead here. Before, people used to make almost instant reaction or reply to all vomments made on their posts. This helped to sustain conversations. Currently, some people even get bored or angry when you comment on their posts. The feedback tradition on comments is almost extinct here.

To be continued.......


Making comments on people posts actually shows that you've really read such person posts comprehensively and you may decide to either make positive comments by commending such people for coming up with such great post or you make a negative comment which isn't really advisable maybe because you aren't happy or pleased with such posts. Making comments on posts also give rise to the asking of questions, criticism and positive commendation to people posts just like you may also intend to have the same.

From my little research on the Steemit platform, I think some people don't actually comment more on Steemit as a result of the below three reasons ;

1) LACK OF UPVOTES: The major reasons some whales tend to have more comments is as a result of their compassionate upvote rewards or generosity towards people who make comments on their posts. I am sure you won't want to miss that great reward or opportunity also. This explains the reasons we have more people making comments on whales posts and other influential Steemians with high SP.

2) LACK OF QUALITY CONTENT: How do you expect people to make comment on post that has no specific quality which can't catch the audience? This explains why making quality posts is extremely important on the Steemit platform. You need to know your audience and catch them with your posts such that they keep asking for more. Making quality posts will surely give you more comments on your Steemit blog and the lack of quality posts can lead to negative comments or no comments on your posts.

3) POST VISIBILITY: The more the number of people who can view your post on the Steemit platform, the more chance of you earning more comments provided your post is attractive and contains the required spices and quality. This is one of the reasons most people make use of resteem bots and other resteem services on the Steemit platform to enable more users read their post which leads to great increase in the number of comments.

In conclusion, if you really want to make people commenting on your post then you need to start rewarding people who make comments with cool upvotes, ensure your post catch the audience by making quality posts and lastly, always ensure you make your posts more visible to other Steemians.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


The community is dead.... people just come to post and rarely look out for interaction. The main cause is the low price in steem


People answer, bots don't.


In a tokenized community, people set their priority on the basis of how their comment or post earn. If their comment is earning very good then they will definitely keep that as their priority and if not they will simply find something else as their priority. That is what exactly the situation in Steemit is. As Steem is still hovering at multi year lows, the comment earning is no more lucrative. We should not also forget that the ecosystem of Steem in 2017 was different and what we see now is completely different.

In 2019, we can see a number of sub-communities as dapps have evolved and they have in some way tried to keep up the activity level by rewarding and if the users are finding something which can reward their time and effort they are investing their time in those dapps. So in general you may not see many comments(like before) to an individual blogger. But you can still see comments in hunt post(Steemhunt), Question & Answers(Musing) etc and other dapps where there is frame to reward the comments too. So the reason is the rewards. As the shape and ecosystem of Steem has shifted to a dapp ecosystem, people are choosing different dapps to align their interest and someway finding ways to generate income by engagement with those dapps. That is why in general people have deviated from Steemit and that is the reason why we can see less number of comments in Steemit. But the activity level in other good dapps are still good.


Comments can be if you are commenting on the right people.  There are some users that have a pretty big stake in the system and their upvote is worth quite a lot of money.  They can give you some really great upvotes for commenting on their posts.  They will probably never visit your blog though and will never upvote one of your posts.  I know a handful of users like that and it has actually been a real joy to follow them.  The understanding is there that they are never going to visit my blog so I don't get too disappointed by that.  The fact is a lot of people just underestimate how lucrative curation and commenting can be.  It is time consuming though.  I just spent my morning commenting and curating other people's content.  I don't know if I will even get a post written today.  I am halfway through the day and I have other stuff going on.  I know in a week though I can count on some really great rewards coming in from those comments and curation though.  In a typical day the majority of my rewards are from commenting and curation not from any specific post I have written.  That is why I keep doing it.  Plus it helps build relationships and engagement.  If one of those people I comment on decides to start doing some commenting and curation of their own, I know they will probably visit my blog because we have the relationship built already.