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Can trust be restored, once it's lost in a relationship?

It's really difficult to gain back someone's trust when lost... any little mistake or likely act will make the person flash back to what happened before and question your act. Instead of focusing on the possibility of gaining back trust, we should put all our energy in not loosing it at all.

To gain back ones trust requires so much work and not everyone have the ability to work down that road properly.


Yes I think it can but it's something that's going to take a whole lot of time. The thing with trust is that it has to be earned and when someone gives you their trust and you lose it then getting it back is difficult, but not impossible.

Whether or not you can regain a person's trust depends entirely on whether or not the person is willing to trust you again. If the person is willing to give it a try then it's very possible. Obviously it's going to take a much longer time than it took before but rest assured you'll get it back eventually.

My advice to anyone who's trying to regain the trust of a lover is to flee from anything and everything that might make them feel that you aren't trustworthy. If it's a password on your phone or a female/male friend who's a little too close, you have to get rid of them, at least until your partner trusts you again.

I hope this helps.


I have try my possible best to over look this question but keep popping up on me..

On your question: I said yes it can but depending on the individual, like for me it depend on what he or she did to me that made me lost the trust, if is someone i truly love once she apologize for what she did believe me i can restore the trust from 20% to 40%, as we move on it can increase on it own to 90% but if she try it again believe that's the final because is not easy to build trust in life...


Can trust be restored once its lost in a relationship? Hmm ! I don't think so.

Some people will argue otherwise but the thing is trust is a very delicate issue in a relationship and once its lost it can never be found and be restored back to as it were, even if the other person forgive you, accept you back and trust you again he or she will still have some element of doubt concerning you as such the trust has not been restored.

We are not God but human and you know human nature.


No it is not possible.

Various reasons to support my answers are :

firstly if you have lost trust in the first time then how can you get it for the second time. If you have already stop believing on other person then how can you believe from the beginning again. Your mind will not support you and same thing will happen with your heart.

secondly if you have lost it for the first time then you will not be able to again recapitulate it and make your mind understand that it will not be the same time and you will not get the bad result. your mind is far superior than you.

your mind will always make the right decision and it will make the decision to stop believing on others because for the first time if you have got the bed result then you will surely not believe it for the second time.



Can you dismount the Mount Everest? Yes, it is theoretically possible. The question is: Is it worth the time and effort? I think, not. 

In my opinion, in my experience, it is very difficult to restore a relationship after a heavy crisis or a break. I suppose it can be done, slowly, with very big efforts, in years. But maybe it will never be the same again as it was at the beginning. 

Maybe one of the two persons who does want this relationship much more than the other has to make so many sacrifices what will make his/her life hell.

I think it's better to make the conclusions, draw the consequences and make things better in the next, new relationship.