Isn't this like the best time purchase steem?

Yes. This is the very best time to purchase Steem as it is still very low. 

Although, we do not know how long it will take for Steem to get back high or if it will even get back up but we are only hoping it would.


if you look at things retrospectively, the conclusions can be drastically different. a month ago, it was a great time to buy bitcoin and steem, not anymore. and i was just looking at the charts for btc, i think a big move is on the way, buy volumes are low and price has stagnated. we could have another down move that takes btc to 2500. or even lower 1800. but then the same can be true for the upside. 

the best time to buy steem is when you have money to buy steem and want to increase your stake. there is no way to tell what the price will be tomorrow. if you are a trader and can take an educated guess about the market then decided, else if you want to increase your stake and are looking for someone to tell you when to do so, please don't do that. because even some of the best traders can end up losing money. past performance is not an indication of future returns. each call is a new one. 

think about the risk, think about the upside and invest only when you are ready to see steem at 1 cent. if you are ok with that, then buy whatever volatile currency you like. if you believe in crypto, then keep buying small amount every month. that ways you average down and don't have to worry about what is the best time. 


It might be a good decision or not. Let's not forget that due to financial problems STEEMIT fired 70% of their staff so I don't see any time soon for it to flourish. I am not sure that they will still have the velocity to bring innovation to the platform and keep the users on it, so it is quite uncertain for me at this point.

Still, the price might be low enough to invest, but don't expect it to increase very much upon the current status of the company. They were to release Smart Media Tokens this year which surely would have meant something, but not sure with the remaining staff that they will be able to do so. Hopefully, yes...


It seems to be the best time for one to purchase steem but I can't really say because the crypto market is so funny and unpredictable

If anyone is ready to go in for the risk then this is definitely the best moment to buy steem as we are in the deep and bull run may happen any moment from now which is more certain to me than crypto getting more deeper.

However the deep might also get deeper so nothing is so assured


To be honest I don't think steem will ever be worth 20 cents ever again so in my opinion this is the best time to be buying


It could be or it maybe too high still. I think it is  a good time but it may still lose some more and drop. If you are buying to power up and thinking long term then I would say that this is probably a good time.

If I was investing I would be looking for one more drop maybe. I don't think we are at the bottom just yet. The institutions that are going to be buying later this month will want it at rock bottom prices so one last squeeze is expected.


Yeah i also agree too that this moment is the best time to purchase steem before the steem will rise back to its previous positition before the bearish party started,i believe that buying steem

right now would be a very great investment decision because that would make an investor to be able to earn alot of ROI on their investment when the steem price rises back....


@Masud91, In my opinion, for sure this is best time for accumulating more Steem. And let's hope for the best. 👍👍


“Isn’t this the best time to purchase Steem...”

The “like” is unnecessary.

The “to” is essential to correct English grammar.


I will answer that in 2 parts depending on your scenario

  1.  If you are powering it up, Yes. It is cheap and if the price goes up you will be in a great spot
  2. If you are just holding, No. I think the price still has a ways it will go down before a solid rebound. 

There is no better time to buy steem than now, the future of steem is bright, it is likely to spike at any moment