What are the your tips for enhancing Communication Skill?
I confronted numerous issues due to having poor correspondence expertise in my life. I am extremely poor in broad daylight aptitude. Would you be able to assist me with your tips so I can enhance my correspondence expertise.
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Communicating is a very important aspect of our lives. I dare say that communication involves living. Without effective communication, it is difficult to be understood.

I am not a master of communication or the art of communication but I have learned overtime, how to succinctly build relationships by communication.

1. Listen: The first step to effective communication is to listen attentively. Like it or not, people love to be shown attention. When you give them a listening ear, they become comfortable with you and fill you in on the happenings with them.

2. Care: Another form of listening I'd caring. When you listen to people, you will be able to show more care genuinely. Of course, they tell you stuff because they want you to care for them. So, even while you are communicating with them, show them that you care.

3. Understand Body Language: In the process of communication, it is important that you understand people's body language. They may tell you everything's alright but their body detects a lie and says something else. Knowing when to stop talking and when to continue a conversation is very important in effective communication.


In improving communication skills one ought to be able to fight any form of tension and also pay eager attention to what a person is saying to them

A daily pratice can also be used to boost the level of communication skills

Well as someone who's actually had the same issue before I think I understand where you're coming from so here are a few tips which should help you out a bit.

1. Talk with people more: Well practice makes perfect and the more you do it the better you'll get. Observe how your responses make people behave and learn from it.

2. Body language: Well you have to be weary of people body language, it'll let you know if they're comfortable with what you're saying or how you're saying it. Observe people's body language and it'll be easier to figure out how to pass across your message.

3. Confidence: Well it's easier to communicate with people when you are confident in yourself, people pick up on that and tend to want to hear what you have to say.

4. Listen more: Communication is a two way thing so you have to be a good listener if you want people to listen to you as well.

I hope this helps.

1. Listen more and speak less

2. Improve on your vocabulary by reading more, listening to renowned speakers.

3. Develop the habit of reading body language which is a great tool in non -verbal communication.

4. Use the right mediums be it instruments or environments suitable for the message you want to pass.

5. Add feelings to every word you utter.

Study those that are known to communicate well and compared your current practices to them. It also helps if you study the person you are communicating with and develop proper sense of decorum with whatever context the situation presents. If more about studying what you're lacking and then imitating what works, then repeat it frequently through practice in real life. 

Public speaking is fundamental to success in professional and public life.

Communication skills helps people create simple, clear and compelling presentations and deliver them effectively, whatever the situation.

My tips which I can use to enhance communication skills


You’ll learn about vocal projection, pace, breathing, stance, posture, gesture and movement.


You’ll learn how to connect and interact with your audience, secure and maintain their attention, interest and respect, and manage questions and discussions.


You’ll learn to deliver presentations with greater confidence, authority and impact.