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What is venustraphobia?
I like the word. i did not invented it but i love to spell it, the way it is written, a long word but still not clear to me. So, any ideas ??

You know, almost everyone have their own fears even though it varies according to degrees. Some fears may be mild while some are usually serious and overwhelming.

But with respect to venustraphobia, fear of attractive women, it is not usually very serious in those that have it because meeting new beautiful people, particularly women is what occurs from time to time in the society. This means that after a while, guys who are venustraphobic tend to overcome it especially when it is just a mild one.

But in some cases, it is very severe in some men Then the cause for this may be that the person had gone through some unpleasant or difficult experience such as; rejection, series of failed romantic relationships, or even physical/sexual abuse, in their early life. And it may be that the person is physically challenged in some way. All these are what fuel/build up shyness and inferiority complex in the person.

So this person will be disturbed and threatened that whenever he meets an attractive woman, he starts to sweat profusely, utter inarticulate words, experience rapid breathing and nervousness during the period.

Anyway, I think what should be done to these kinds of people is that their cognitive state needs to be addressed and reorientated.

Funny, but they need to be made conscious of the fact that beautiful things are not harmful.


Venustraphobia is fear of attractive women. The meaning of word "Venus" in greek is attractive or beautiful and "Phobia" means fear.  This phobia is rarely found by birth, most of the time, it is caused by traumatic events in one's life.