Why do people keep getting into the #10yearschallenge even though this information can end up in wrong hands through face recognition software and create a database with age progression included?

If the photos are already on Facebook, how would reposting them in the challenge make any difference...? 🤔



I think people participate in the challenge for different reasons. 

I actually participated in the challenge too, to appreciate God, nature, and the universe for where I am today.

I actually didn't think it could be used for any of such you have mentioned. Can you please shed more light on the dangers of participating?

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Only those who got comething to hide should be worried of this. Technology is here to stay


Because most are not cyber literate enough to understand data privacy and protection. People can't appreciate the harm until they get to be in harm's way first hand most of the time. I tried explaining the basics of privacy protection online and how simple information and browsing habits can help strangers track you and people around me failed to appreciate the value. There's a part of me that says let them regret things later on, those are going to be the best teachers. But there's also a part of me that says, maybe I should've done it better. 


We currently live in an Era where their Social Status on Social Media Sites are more important in people's eyes than their Social Status in real life. So most people tend to do some stuff that normally they might not do.

As for the 10 Year Challenge I have not heard about this challenge and I did not even make an effort to know about the Challenge. Part of the reason for my this attitude is because once I found my own Picture in a Wallpaper Bundle that I was downloading for my PC. That gave me a clear idea about the extent of Data Mining that was happening in these Social Media Websites.

Now the other point lies in the fact that most people doesn't realize the extent of damage that can be done with the Data they are so openly broadcasting. 

Now let's talk about the dangers of such challenges. I think almost everyone knows about the Kiki Challenge that came up recently which was vastly popular. We all have seen videos of people getting out of a Slow driving Car and dancing on the Road to the Song but very little people know that several teenagers got hurt performing this Kiki Challenge and I am not talking about some Bumps and Scratches, some of them even had serious Injuries. 

So yes I think you should think carefully before following a Trend and just going through what everyone is thinking is Coo