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Elon Musk said "If one company or small group of people manages to develop god-like super-intelligence, they could take over the world". Do you believe AI is dangerous for humanity?

Yes I do and although I stated right for the beginning that I do I will admit that I don't know exactly how AI works and how far humanity has gone with developing it. However this quote coming from the mouth of Elon Musk it's definitely a backed warning to us. The way I see it Artificial Intelligence has almost endless possibilities of learning and using the knowledge stored in an intelligent way thus there is the possibility for it to outpace average human intelligence and when you put such power in the hands of a few you can say good bye to freedom and humanity as we know it. 

Now we are not intelligent human beings but there are here and there individuals proving a high level of intelligence that pushed forward our specie through tech progress. However our intelligence is limited in my opinion and it is pretty rare, considering that most of us spend their time on youtube, facebook and other online services created to make us dumber and not smarter. In the case of AI though intelligence might go even further than ours and can be also more reliable than ours. In the case of the humans even the most intelligent ones can go crazy or burn their brains out becoming useless at some point in time while a machine that was created to be reliable and created to constantly learn and outperform itself will be able to "live" much longer and "serve" its masters. 

Now whether this hypothesis of Elon Musk will ever come true is way over my intuition but there were plenty of movies "playing such scenarios" of humans being lead by machines and the ones who created them so anything is possible. I also remember that Elon Musk somewhere in spring I guess warned that AI should be tackled with care and especially by the army because it can be destructive and it can also get out of control. I do hope that there won't be any time in the future when some group of people will take over humanity through such tech but we have to be careful. We have to be and act intelligent and we have to be conscious in our acts concerning such technology and the ones working with it and on it. Our faith as a specie does not rely only on a few people on Earth but on us all. 

However, many of us don't get over social media, fast foods and other distractions too often nowadays to see the big picture in this regards and to make ourselves heard. Elon Musk is a balanced personality with a high intelligence and common sense but he can't do everything for us and change our faith if we don't want that. If we are going to live in the next decade like we lived in the last one then there might be a high probability that in a few decades from now such technology lead by a group of people will take control over us. That would only happen because we are too rooted in useless habits to open our eyes and live our lives rather than be lives. 

That's how I see this situation. Hope you will find my answer insightful and have a great day!


No more dangerous than any other technology.

I can’t recall the specifics of one of Tim Leary’s models which places an individual on the spectrum of a neurological-genetic wiring towards either openly embracing innovation or rigidly resisting progress in the name of preserving the status quo as a survival instinct...

I frequently view such fears of AI as a manifestation of the latter.

Whether it’s AI or any other technology, the danger doesn’t lie in the tool itself - but the consciousness of the person/people directing its use...


Indeed, the thought that "AI will take over the world" is scary. Whether its true or not, if it's happening or will never happen; the fact that we are having speculations about it is the one that worries me. Just imagine, if the technologies of the present time are considered as "sci-fi" few years or decades ago, I think it won't take long for someone to develop an AI that has the ability to surpass mankind's intelligence. And I repeat, why I mentioned are pure speculations.


@Mauricioflores, In my opinion, if we observe current world, are we not watching the control already. I think that we are already dominated by the Technology and one proof is Smartphones and people are not able to stay away from it for one moment and people who stay away from their mobile phones, many face the Anxiety and Lack of concentration. So already we are surrounded with the Technology and we are becoming like machines too.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Yes and no

It depends on how you interpret the question.

Today, artificial intelligence is not an existential threat to us. The AI ​​we use is, as in other answers already mentioned, better in a narrowly defined framework than man (some games, etc.).

This is very useful in many areas (self-driving, etc.) and the importance of AI is likely to increase significantly over the next few years. This is exactly where I see a problem.

There will come a time when we will create a general artificial intelligence.

The proof that this is possible is ourselves.

No one can say how far this is in the future, but according to Professor Bostrom, this happens at the latest when we have the computational power to simulate a complete human brain.

If machines are something intelligent about humans, they could be much better in terms of design (more storage space, more connectivity, speed of data processing, etc.).

If such a machine improves again and again, and if it is by definition capable of its intelligence, it is easy to imagine a scenario in which we lose control.

Such superintelligence, which is called strong AI, certainly does not automatically have the same objectives or the same methods.

To attribute to the human race a low value of this AI is an existential risk (for the future).


AI stands for artificial intelligence, meaning that its not intelligence by definition. Semantics perhaps but important nevertheless as humans have pure intelligence. Having got that out of the way, my answer, even though I also don't like the 'God' comparison, he is hardly intelligent!

No, I don't. I think its all a dystopian sci-fi nonsense, even with the advent of quantum computing. AI could cause the world a lot of problems admittedly, but at the end of the day, no amount of AI is ever going to be able read a humans mind, or stop someone pulling out a plug. Could your own brain operate without your body performing the mechanical tasks? No, and neither could any form of computer!

Don't forget, right now we have people who control the world using money to gain power and control, politicians, religions and banks. They have been controlling the world for 2000 years without the need of AI so whats going to change?

You also asked if AI is dangerous?

Yes it could be in so much it could create conditions that cause computer networks to stop human input, and in worse case scenario, like the 1984 movie 'War Games' start a nuclear war, but again, these scenarios could be arrested by physical human intervention. 

These nightmare scenarios have been around for many years in science fiction, but I think we are a long way off the destruction of the world and humanity by AI. The power of Facebook is more of a threat in my opinion!


Truly I do and in spite of the fact that I expressed ideal for the starting that I do I will concede that I don't know precisely how AI functions and how far humankind has run with creating it. Anyway this statement originating from the mouth of Elon Musk it's certainly a supported cautioning to us. As far as I can tell Artificial Intelligence has relatively unlimited potential outcomes of learning and utilizing the information put away in a smart route in this way there is the likelihood for it to outpace normal human knowledge and when you put such power in the hands of a couple of you can state farewell to opportunity and humankind as we probably am aware it.

Presently we are not shrewd people but rather there are all over people demonstrating an abnormal state of insight that pushed forward our specie through tech advance. Anyway our knowledge is restricted as I would like to think and it is really uncommon, taking into account that the vast majority of us invest their energy in youtube, facebook and other online administrations made to make us more moronic and not more intelligent. On account of AI however insight may go significantly more remote than our own and can be additionally more solid than our own. On account of the people even the most insightful ones can go insane or consume their cerebrums out getting to be futile sooner or later in time while a machine that was made to be solid and made to continually learn and outflank itself will have the capacity to "live" any longer and "serve" its lords.

Presently whether this theory of Elon Musk will at any point work out as expected is path over my instinct however there were a lot of motion pictures "playing such situations" of people being lead by machines and the ones who made them so the sky is the limit. I additionally recollect that Elon Musk some place in spring I surmise cautioned that AI ought to be handled with consideration and particularly by the military since it very well may be damaging and it can likewise gain out of power. I do trust that there won't be whenever later on when some gathering of individuals will assume control humankind through such tech however we must be watchful. We must be and act keen and we must be cognizant in our demonstrations concerning such innovation and the ones working with it and on it. Our confidence as a specie does not depend just on a couple of individuals on Earth however on all of us.